• 訪客:yass      2018/7/12 19:21:08    

    yes, still recall the 1990s docu movie Paris is burning....somebody wrote about it in the local culture magazine越界 at that time. probably someone also wrote about it in city mag too. Before internet age.

    回覆(2018/7/12 19:21:08)

  • 訪客:justcurious      2018/7/12 8:34:22    

    miss cheuk wan zi有作品係由三聯出版的,咁佢又算不算是建制派作家呢? 你中有我,我中有你……。。good day to all.

    回覆(2018/7/12 17:06:58)


  • 訪客:。。Oo。      2018/7/11 20:32:05    

    科幻推理偵探韓劇? yes, we are living in an age of fusion/crossover in creative industries. Not only in food and catering biz。 金庸喜愛的台灣武俠小說家上官鼎最新力作[阿飄]就是古代武俠-科幻-政治fusion之作。。in the present global village, everything crosses over. past&present&future, east&west, north&south.....more entertaining, more fun.

    回覆(2018/7/11 20:32:05)

  • 訪客:goodmorning      2018/7/10 7:00:06    

    let me talk about Shane jenek, with stage name Courtney Act, who more than once performed in the restaurant of Madam Gokson. He/she is gender fluid, polyamorous and pansexual, this sounds all too baffling to the ears of ordinary hk 大叔師奶。 so is Male/Female printed on his/her passport? Courtney Act looks like real woman performing on stage, much so like more than 張敬軒,who just looks like a silly boy in flamboyant girl costume on stage, not good/real enough as a drag queen. good day to all.

    回覆(2018/7/10 7:00:06)

  • 訪客:whyy      2018/7/9 23:25:08    

    點解好好地一條(牛仔)褲要有破洞/扯爛rag look才會是型格?fashion 对一般凡夫俗子而言有時真匪夷所思的。 至於Tab Hunter, 是老一輩影迷的回憶吧。 就是Dustin Hoffman/Al Pacino都多年沒有在 新片做男一,像已退休似的 。。。後生仔女可能都不太知道他們的舊片了。。good night..

    回覆(2018/7/9 23:25:08)

  • 訪客:小宇      2018/7/9 22:14:33    


    RIP Tab Hunter

    回覆(2018/7/9 22:14:33)

  • 訪客:45th tribute brucelee      2018/7/8 11:05:25    

    on july20th this month there will be a non profit event paying tribute to Bruce Lee who passed away 45 years ago. the recluse veteran movie actress Betty Ting 丁佩is going to show appearance and do an act, what special act to surprise the public after all these years? people interested should check out the instagram of Mr Robert chua蔡和平。Thank you.

    回覆(2018/7/8 11:05:25)

  • 訪客:explorium      2018/7/6 7:35:37    

    世界上還有什麼仍然是unexplored的? 1.地底洞。 近日新聞焦點,當然是泰國少年地洞遇險記,將來亦可能成為電影橋段。。歐洲北美等地大部分地洞已經有人explore過,中國大陸及東南亞仍然有好多地底洞未完全explore. 2.海底深處的海溝。一大片unknown.人類的先祖其實是一條魚? 3.人心。。古今中外的文學艺術仍然未能解開人心之謎? 4.miss b. 她飛咗去Greece,还以為她会飛去北歐避暑山莊。。 5.老人無聊之背後。

    回覆(2018/7/6 9:35:10)


  • 訪客:女奇。奇妙2018.      2018/7/5 18:38:50    

    有人話此奇妙數字現象每1000年出現一次。。 把你的出生年份+你今年的年齡=2018..// e.g..deng xiaoyu(b.1951): 1951+67=2018. 奇不奇?

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  • 訪客:gentle reminder for senior deng      2018/7/2 14:28:53    

    concerning the 国產机頂盒: not only are your personal data already transmitted and stored in the national big data centre, your private images of daily life will soon be captured too....the Big Emperor is watching you as you enjoy all the tv &Movies, George Orwell 1984 prophecy is now becoming daily Reality....do not be surprised if you find photos/streaming images of you taking a bath go viral on internet.....

    回覆(2018/7/18 18:17:07)

    已預咗,就算攝錄都係家中一角落,nothing happens there.

  • 訪客:readeroo      2018/7/2 11:13:58    

    the nickname of 呂慧儀 is 長脚蟹,fyi.  most probably because she is quite tall, long legs..

    開心速遞 is not a bad short tv show, it could be funny sometimes, i especially like to watch the episodes in which the 九十後? young actors appear, ie. when they portray the lives of local university students..frivolous, a bit unrealistic.perhaps..when compared to the real lives of local university undergrads are going through....

    回覆(2018/7/18 18:18:32)

    get accustomed to this series and enjoy it quite a bit.

  • 訪客:happyweekend      2018/6/30 13:53:44    

    2018hk book fair又來到。。只是林燕妮的作品將會出席。林的散文筆鋒快快快,反映了她作為廣告公司女強人的生活節奏及心態。縱使男朋友、生活、工作及社會令她frustrated, 但她对追求人世的美善並没有放棄。。。由於香港人口老化了,人們開始學習適應慢活吧,可以慢下來其實是享受。。而張愛玲的散文就慢慢慢慢,如在蒼凉的歷史幔子上做針黹,粉畫瓷器上的花紋,雕刻時光……。。 不過依達/亦舒應該不會同華宗鄧同場出現吧。。。

    回覆(2018/6/30 13:53:44)

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