• 訪客:Did you get your haircut done? 💇💇💇💇💇      2019/1/31 12:13:12    

    There's a lady hairstylist that always want to cut my hair to a short length. And every time when I see her my hair get shorter from her. I am happy that I get more healthy hair but I am also unhappy as it takes time to grow my hair. Lately I've decided to stay away from this hair stylist then interestingly I can have more lengthy hair yeah. Anyway, if one day I wanna cut my hair to short I can just go any shops and get it done. Yeah. Freedom to choose my hairstyle. 💇💇💇💇💇 Awesome!! Em

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  • 訪客:P E T E R      2019/1/30 6:28:10    

    我之前的 post (有關陳友/張堅庭编導的表姐你好野),沒有 embed Windflowers (攪笑版)..現在補番

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  • 訪客:Francis      2019/1/29 12:45:36    

    Dear 小宇:

    重溫rthk講丘文的節目 唔知你點睇衣架既《號外》呢?會唔會覺得失色左?

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  • 訪客:What's your most embarrassing story? :)      2019/1/29 8:39:37    

    Also at the Vine last Sunday there's a new lady pastor preaching and I was there at 4, normally I go 2pm session. I was at the Kowloon Tong mall shop around and I saw lion dancing. It was awesome. Then to the 4pm. As the pastor is changed. The one used to preaching I won't fall into sleep. And with this one I fell into sleep.And for nearly half an hour! 😱😱😱😱😱 As I was sitting on the second row. (OMG) It was pretty embarrassed as the pastor would know I fell into sleep. But I was very tired suddenly. I couldn't control it and fell in sleep. Hope next time if I feel really sleepy I should sit far far away. The last row is good perhaps haha. Em

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  • 訪客:What should I do?      2019/1/24 23:28:25    

    My boyfriend ate my half sandwich without asking me while I was sick and told him not to. Should I break up?

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  • 訪客:大媽!係乜名      2019/1/21 13:18:42    


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  • 訪客:Will I never find love      2019/1/21 1:26:02    

    Dear Xiao Yu This is Anisha from India. I am 32 years old. I married when I was 21 and the marriage ended after just 3 months. I was in my second month of pregnancy then when we are separated. I was subjected to physical abuse and mental torture. Raped by own husband to prove his dominance over me. After that rollercoaster relationship I lost all my hope on love and marriage. Its been 11 years and I lost all the beautiful years of my life. I have daughter. I didn't claim for any alimony. I was asked to get abortion because no one else might opt to marry me again, in the future, if I am a single mother. But I have opted to become a mother rather than a wife to someone else. I am supporting my family, managing everything all by myself... But there is still lot of pain in my heart... I feel the loss of love in my life. I can't share it with my family as they would be sad. I have been struggling hard to protect myself from the evil eyes of men from all these years. Everyone tries to take an advantage of me, so I couldn't trust anyone... I couldn't find love again in my life... Everyone reminds me of my responsibilities as a mother which I have been already doing all these years and will still continue to do... But no one understands my pain... What I want and that I too have a life... Did my life really end at 21 years?? Will I never find true love?? Countless nights I have been crying hugging my pillow, in the dark... I feel the need of having someone on whose shoulders I can rest and share my pain... I feel so lonely and broken.... I am scared of my future..... Everyone compliments my smile... But I myself know the pain behind it and that it is not coming from my heart....

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  • 訪客:未消失之女      2019/1/16 11:59:10    

    有套新片用了[女人就是女人]做片名,故事有關香港transwomen, 同鄧生同名作品應該沒有關係的。

    回覆(2019/1/16 12:06:02)

    高達六十年代已拍了une femme est une femme , 我也是抄他的戲名

  • 訪客:Fr Across the Pond      2019/1/15 7:24:32    

    Happy New Year Monsieur Deng ! 

    Watched a few movies  past few days : 

    1. ROMA - you can't possibly miss this movie, it somehow reminds me of days when we had nannies while growing up, the warmth, the bondage, none exist anymore

    2. Dying to Survive - a pleasant surprise with such a nicely written plot, not the usual overblown animated kung fu chinese movies

    3. Last Letter - even if one is not a Zhou Xun fan, you will be captivated by the beautiful cinematography of Shunji Iwai

    4. Happy Prince - Rupert Everett first movie as director, totally fascinated by the hand held camera scenes, I am glad I did not pay attention to the review or else I might have not seen this movie

    Yet to see : 

    1. Green Book

    2. If Beale Street can talk

    3. the favourite

    4. Shadow

    And looking forward to your new songbook too. 

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  • 訪客:Fr Across the Pond      2019/1/15 7:12:21    

    Happy New Year Monsieur Deng

    Watched a few movie on Netflix last week: 

    1. ROMA - you can't possibly miss this film, it somehow also reminds me of days in HK when we had nannies while growing up, the warmth, the bondage, none of these exist anymore

    2. Last Letter - Even if you are not a Zhou Xun fan, you will enjoy Shunji Iwai beautiful cinematography

    3. Dying to Survive - a pleasant surprise to see such a nicely written plot amongst the usual heroic or 3D kungfu Chinese movies

    4. Happy Prince - Rupert Everett first movie as director, typically fascinated by some of the hand held camera scenes, always love stories from Victorian era

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  • 訪客:New Beginnings Last Forever (2019)      2019/1/11 22:51:29    

    Verse 1 Having a good place of work brings security. Being in a Learning Environment inspires the mind. Finding peace at church. Chorus Staying away from the danger of temptation No more feeling dry like the desert No more conflicting dilemma Bridge New Beginnings Last Forever Stand Strong in Righteousness

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  • 訪客:我已受夠了所有的人工智能!!      2019/1/10 0:22:18    

    小宇,請勿理會我的性別… 總之我都算係一個對IT好有研究加好有心得的人。我早已受不在 tinder,更受不了FB, Google, Gmail 的一堆唔關我事嘅訊息。人哋結婚,生仔,去旅行,聖誕 party etc etc 關我咩事?對我有咩好處? 將來人工智能律師,法官… OMG 無人性化的世界... 我受不了。早已受不了。我現在寧願用一張紙寫低 to do list, 費事被任何人工智能操控,我就嚟電話都唔聽,電視都唔睇,電腦都唔用,餐廳都唔去,我要適量的自我,和神秘感。

    回覆(2019/1/10 0:22:18)

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