• 訪客:jo      2009/11/13 0:44:57    

    Your reply made my day...! It had been a struggle for me since July - to tell or not to tell. Afterall, it is not a happy ending (esp. to the old school mate who wrote you the long letter). I had been thinking about it today why "Vincent gor gor" (to me, my bro and my cousin he is always Vincent gor gor) had chosen me to bring this message to his old friend. Perhaps... just my wild guess, he only learnt that I am in fact a Fag-hag after he moved up there! It is really my honor to be the "messager" in this matter - a feeling like placing the very last piece of a 1000 jig-saw puzzle.

    回覆(2013/9/26 12:31:54)

    so happy to know you jo and glad you gave abirth to a baby girl a couple of years ago. wonder if you have a second child by now?

  • 訪客:JC      2009/11/13 0:40:02    

    Since I find your website, it's really a pleasure to read your articles every night. Before, I just read your "Woman in Kenzo" when I was in high school, and of course I've also read your articles in City Magazine and your new book "Russian Meal". Now, as a 30+ single woman, i find it really enjoyable to read "Woman is Woman" as the articles are touching and hilarious, though they were wrote in 80's. Look forward to more articles.

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:14:54)

    thanks so much for your compliments. wonder if you still drop by after all these years.

  • 訪客:Ray      2009/11/12 21:59:26    

    Dear Peter, Can't imagine I will post guest comment in the internet. Everything has the first time. I offer mine to you. Reading your essays and articles and your face remind me lots of old memories. Frankily speaking, I can hardly remember your face after not meeting you in person for over 10 years. I think the same will come across your mind should we meet again in the street. Your words, however, last forever and always be remembered in a sweet way. Cheers up for everything and take care, dear my friend.

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:13:12)

    still cannot make out who can you be? are you the Ray whose mother passed away after suffering from stroke for a few years?

  • 訪客:Surina      2009/11/12 21:47:32    

    For somebody who typically spends an hour on the internet per week, ur site is constantly a temptation. I have just spent more than my week's quota on ur articles.So glad u have posted more!What a privilege to 'see' and 'hear' interesting people thru ur writing,and to learn something about sophistication at the same time. Ur style of writing is always fun to read,and coupled with such photos! Giorgio Armani once said" A sharply defined silhouette is the starting point for elegance, each element u add only risks spoiling the line". Personally I think that's a good motto for clothing, more so than trends!

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:11:28)

    you are always so well dressed and never loud.

  • 訪客:jo      2009/11/12 0:12:21    

    Good day Mr. Tang. I'm the niece of the Mr. Kwok you mentioned in your book (Part 1 Ch.3). Sori to let you know that what you said was true - he had passed away in Canada couple of years ago. I can't express how happy I was to learn that I had some sort of "connection" with you but meanwhile sorrow to link in such a way... Your book always touched me.

    回覆(2009/11/12 8:41:50)

    Thanks to the publication of the book "Russian Meal", i was re-connected with one primary school mate. She wrote me a long letter c/o the publisher in which she told me back then she was secretly "in love" with your uncle Kwok Wai-yuk (to us he is his Chinese name and not Vincnet). She used to walk to her high school in Oxford Road from her home in San Po Kong as her family could not afford her bus fare. But she was happy to make that walk 2 times a day because she could pass your uncle's flat in Kowloon City with the hope that one day she might bump into him by "accident". Thing never happen they way we want. But what sweet memories. Appreciate very much Jo, to let us know how it ended. When we were editing the book, I once considered deleting this short piece on your uncle as I feared nobody would be interested to read such a personal matter. My editor Man Chan thought otherwise. She somehow persuaded me to put it back in. Thank you Man Chan.

  • 訪客:Danny      2009/11/11 11:08:15    

    Well done... It's a excellent web site for relax . Good back ground music, highly recommend to other friends.

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:10:00)

    wonder if you still come here in 2013 every now and then...

  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/9 9:08:45    

    Thank you very very much of your reply. I have already read the articles from your web-site. Yes, that is the books that I'm looking for. But I want to collect your books with your signature. I like to collect your books and keep in my house.

    回覆(2009/11/9 9:08:45)

  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/8 23:35:00    

    I have checked many book stores about the other two books of yours. It seems really difficult to find. Is there any body can show me the way?

    回覆(2009/11/8 23:59:39)

    if you are talking about "prejudice and pride" and "woman is woman", they are out of print. that is why i just bought back the copyright and post the content of these 2 books on the site. if you click into the respective icons in the world of words page, you will see the articles. of course it will take some time to post all materials but now you can read parts of them, i myself cannot help laughing while i was proof-reading these old pieces on women like "poison", "divorced women", "forever vacationing" etc. hope you enjoy as much as i do. as for the 2 "woman in kenzo" books, they will be re-issued early next year by joint publishing. you can now read one piece not in the original book by clicking the "kenzo" icon. i mentioned in the one response i made to the first comment that i would not keep thanking every comment here. i find it quite embarrassing and not my style. i keep my thanks in my heart and i do sincerely treasure your visits.

  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/8 0:58:03    

    I'm still reading your book tonight again & again. It's all about the things that you feel. I'm just thinking that how lucky you are. There are so many people love your words. And how powerful of your words that keep influence the different generations. Showing us the real of you & showing us your mind. Just like a friend even we never met.

    回覆(2013/10/26 12:37:49)

    i am so happy to know that you have read my 2013 response to your 2009 comments!

  • 訪客:30plus      2009/11/7 13:49:51    

    Adopted from Winifred's Blog "又只有他能寫得出的社交文章 ,光是旁觀,文章的價值已經蓋過網站一切包裝上的。這亦是True to Yourself的一種吧,不會因為年紀大了或所屬的年代過時了而改變,只要你能欣賞及看到自己的內在價值,外面潮流怎樣變,都只不過是虛招".... I totally agree with her, just wonder if anyone from our generation (in their 30's to 40's)in HK can share their attitude towards "life" like you. Thanks for sharing.

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:08:32)

    oh which reminds me i have not seen winifred for quite a while. really miss her. sometimes she tends to distance herself from the literary crowd. she does have her own character

  • 訪客:Virginia      2009/11/7 13:01:35    

    謝謝您!待我好回味過往閱讀『號外』、『年青人週報』、『電影雙週 』,收聽『十大中、英文金曲』、Uncle Ray....的青春歲月!

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:06:00)


  • 訪客:魏天賜      2009/11/7 0:49:17    


    回覆(2013/9/26 16:42:41)


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