• 訪客:little      2009/11/5 20:40:43    

    happy that sooo many people have the same feeling with me

    回覆(2009/11/5 20:40:43)

  • 訪客:苏怡      2009/11/5 20:39:10    

    好喜欢你的blog, 好喜欢你的文字, 给我在上海的精神生活亮起光! 买了你的“吃罗宋餐的日子", 但搵极都搵吾到你以前的书(kenzo). i am looking forward to you re-publishing them!

    回覆(2013/9/26 16:50:15)


  • 訪客:JC      2009/11/5 19:52:58    

    Love your articles, love your books, love your website... Learn that 穿Kenzo的女人 will be released in next year again, am excited and am longing for this because want to let my friends know how great this book is. Finally can know more about your favourite films/people through this website, thank you.

    回覆(2013/9/26 12:05:29)

    still working hard to make this site alive and interesting.

  • 訪客:l      2009/11/4 19:28:50    

    when the first time i came here,i also consider that is one of the most wonderful time of my life.

    回覆(2013/9/26 12:07:26)

    very touching comment indeed. it's readers like you that keep me going and now is almost 4 years!

  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/4 19:05:22    

    Today is a wonderful day of my life. I can received a book with your signature. I really really get mad when Patrick handed me the book. I have told him that I was your little fans when I was just a teenager at about 1980. Sometimes I really don't know what are you talking about. I mean the music, the culture and the history. But I can understand how is your life style from your words. And I try to understand your mind too. Am I crazy? I didn't really know how you look like until I read the newspaper few months ago until I bought your book * Life is a holiday*. Your face just match what I dream with. It's just amazing. I'm now looking for the other 2 books that you wrote. Then I will come to ask you to sign for me. Actually, I told Patrick don't give me your book with your sign. I should buy your books and come to see you. Just give myself a chance to see you face to face. If I get ready because I may feel shy.

    回覆(2009/11/4 19:05:22)

  • 訪客:Joe_Fong      2009/11/4 9:15:31    

    Amazing, this is what i'm looking for and you have it all!I love the theme, the look and most important......the ingredients of your site. This is a time capsule I found on the net!Good job, really good job!

    回覆(2013/9/26 12:03:40)

    again cuirous how you found this site when it was still in its infancy?

  • 訪客:JJ      2009/11/3 17:14:05    

    I've been a reader of City Magazine for years, just stopped subscribing it when it grew smaller.I miss the good old days that I had to read 2nd hand CM as I had to get it from my frind. All the silly reason was that my mailbox was too small. I still remeber your apartment which is located near a prestige girl school and then your elegant father and beautiful mother. Your youngest brother was once my fancy valentine. There are not any chances to read such bitchy writing which suits our ages and moods. I just hope there will be more and more. Thanks a lot.

    回覆(2013/9/26 11:59:40)

    just curious, you fnacied paul or patrick? fo course it was so long ago.

  • 訪客:little      2009/11/2 22:20:21    


    回覆(2009/11/2 22:20:21)

  • 訪客:李文通      2009/11/2 21:54:25    

    聽到 Shadows 的 Atlantis 和 Chad & Jerry 的 A Summer Song, 加上偏見與傲慢裡面的文章﹐ 那些場景人物好日子﹐ 仿彿一起涌現在眼前。

    回覆(2013/9/26 16:28:22)

    A字頭之後,其他BCD....字頭的歌呢? 我相信你都會喜歡的。

  • 訪客:little      2009/11/2 21:07:29    


    回覆(2009/11/2 21:07:29)

  • 訪客:little      2009/11/1 16:59:00    


    回覆(2013/9/26 16:34:19)


  • 訪客:byoy      2009/11/1 15:41:16    

    其實龜龜都好懂事同善解人意,我嗰隻係草龜,養咗差不多八年.佢一早會喺樓梯口等我地落樓食早餐,晚餐會喺我地腳邊走嚟走去,熄燈就會合埋眼睡覺.日間我地返工返學,佢就跟住賓妹姐姐,有時就周屋八.我唔開心就同佢講,佢會好留神聽,然後我就會好好多.可惜佢passed away last Sunday (seven days ago),我好後悔俾佢做手術,令佢更加虛弱.The vet is professional but lacks concern for small animals. He takes action on rational basis disregard sufferings of the terrapin. 我地已經埋葬咗隻龜龜,喺新娘潭附近,對住好靚嘅瀑布,希望佢開心上路,去一個更好嘅地方,過更好嘅生活.

    回覆(2013/9/26 16:32:40)


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