• 訪客:Danny      2009/11/11 11:08:15    

    Well done... It's a excellent web site for relax . Good back ground music, highly recommend to other friends.

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:10:00)

    wonder if you still come here in 2013 every now and then...

  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/9 9:08:45    

    Thank you very very much of your reply. I have already read the articles from your web-site. Yes, that is the books that I'm looking for. But I want to collect your books with your signature. I like to collect your books and keep in my house.

    回覆(2009/11/9 9:08:45)

  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/8 23:35:00    

    I have checked many book stores about the other two books of yours. It seems really difficult to find. Is there any body can show me the way?

    回覆(2009/11/8 23:59:39)

    if you are talking about "prejudice and pride" and "woman is woman", they are out of print. that is why i just bought back the copyright and post the content of these 2 books on the site. if you click into the respective icons in the world of words page, you will see the articles. of course it will take some time to post all materials but now you can read parts of them, i myself cannot help laughing while i was proof-reading these old pieces on women like "poison", "divorced women", "forever vacationing" etc. hope you enjoy as much as i do. as for the 2 "woman in kenzo" books, they will be re-issued early next year by joint publishing. you can now read one piece not in the original book by clicking the "kenzo" icon. i mentioned in the one response i made to the first comment that i would not keep thanking every comment here. i find it quite embarrassing and not my style. i keep my thanks in my heart and i do sincerely treasure your visits.

  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/8 0:58:03    

    I'm still reading your book tonight again & again. It's all about the things that you feel. I'm just thinking that how lucky you are. There are so many people love your words. And how powerful of your words that keep influence the different generations. Showing us the real of you & showing us your mind. Just like a friend even we never met.

    回覆(2013/10/26 12:37:49)

    i am so happy to know that you have read my 2013 response to your 2009 comments!

  • 訪客:30plus      2009/11/7 13:49:51    

    Adopted from Winifred's Blog "又只有他能寫得出的社交文章 ,光是旁觀,文章的價值已經蓋過網站一切包裝上的。這亦是True to Yourself的一種吧,不會因為年紀大了或所屬的年代過時了而改變,只要你能欣賞及看到自己的內在價值,外面潮流怎樣變,都只不過是虛招".... I totally agree with her, just wonder if anyone from our generation (in their 30's to 40's)in HK can share their attitude towards "life" like you. Thanks for sharing.

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:08:32)

    oh which reminds me i have not seen winifred for quite a while. really miss her. sometimes she tends to distance herself from the literary crowd. she does have her own character

  • 訪客:Virginia      2009/11/7 13:01:35    

    謝謝您!待我好回味過往閱讀『號外』、『年青人週報』、『電影雙週 』,收聽『十大中、英文金曲』、Uncle Ray....的青春歲月!

    回覆(2013/9/26 10:06:00)


  • 訪客:魏天賜      2009/11/7 0:49:17    


    回覆(2013/9/26 16:42:41)


  • 訪客:little      2009/11/7 0:01:55    


    回覆(2013/9/26 16:46:51)


  • 訪客:劉俊文      2009/11/6 21:41:33    

    想起中三獨自在圖書館看號外的日子, 默默的嘩嘩聲, 真暗爽。

    回覆(2013/9/26 16:44:04)


  • 訪客:Oscar      2009/11/6 1:30:00    

    睇Winifred個Blog知道你終於開左個人網站, 我梗係飛撲過黎啦!仲Bookmark啦~~~我地都好look up to 你說的話架! 希望你時不時POST新文上黎俾大家享受啦~~

    回覆(2013/9/26 16:45:35)

    很慶幸自己四年後仍有新作 post 上來。

  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/5 23:39:59    

    Is that you last night? It is amazing? 對不起,今天遲來了。剛剛學會用手寫板,因為不懂中文打字,但又極想用它與你溝通,原因就是這些可愛的中文字給我認識到你。昨晚想了一整夜,想著要告訴你很多很多的事。例如因為想 being unusual,就在12,13歲左右買了我人生中的第一本號外。 當時這本書的確令我看來與別不同,因為我身边的同學设有一個認識這本書,她們只會看明星週刋等等的東西。每當她們來到我家,我定必把這書跟她們分享,如書的排板設計、相片攝影角度、顏色運用都是一流的水準,再加上這些出色的作家,各有特色的談論文化、潮流、电影、時裝、音樂、藝術等等....當然還有你的文章,雖然我都是一知半解你們所談論的事,只因我還是一個初中生。但我絕對知道你們是一群與別不同,有文化修養、有品味的大姐姐大哥哥。還有通過你們的文字去感受你們的生活態度.相信我現在的一部份生活態度,都是因你們的影嚮下而形成。Life is a holiday. 還有很多很多的話要說。 Really really want to talk to you face to face. It will be a wonderful time of my life too.

    回覆(2013/9/26 16:48:17)


  • 訪客:little      2009/11/5 20:43:33    

    you are soooo great

    回覆(2009/11/5 20:43:33)

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