• 訪客:cmmmm      2010/11/4 9:28:49    

    hmmm, really interested to know what will happen if mark david chapman who murdered john lennon in 1980 is eventually granted parole....

    回覆(2010/11/4 9:28:49)

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/11/3 13:04:45    

    ringo starr is still alive & kicking OMG what a wonderful life

    回覆(2010/11/3 13:04:45)

  • 訪客:king      2010/11/3 12:56:46    

    to Peter: wow, you make my day. arm arm 過去你個 blog﹐ 一打開就見到 clifford t. ward. a long lost name to me, 記得接觸佢系佢張 "變色龍" 大碟。除左 punk﹐ 之前重有一段時間系 psychedelic music 時期﹐ 記得果陣 iron butterfly 隻 in-a-gadda-da-vida﹐ 聽多幾次個人就成日好似發夢遊魂咁。 前排系 youtube 睇到 n.y. 班 atomic tom 因為比人偷晒D樂器﹐ 所以用 i-phone 演奏既 clip﹐ 以前 3 degree 出現果種感覺又再一次出現﹐ 不過今次我既感覺正面左好多﹐ 我話比自己聽﹐ 由 "crimson & clover" 到 "atomic tom"﹐ 能夠生活響呢個時期﹐ 我覺得已經好豐足﹐ 由 atomic tom 到以後唔知點發展既日子﹐ 對我離講已經可有可無喇。 我﹕ 一樣56。系中學時期聽 "come on down to my boat﹐ dizzy﹐ crimson and clover" 大果一 group。

    回覆(2010/11/3 12:56:46)

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/3 9:00:59    

    Siu Yu wrote: > > post a paul mccartney song .... something starts with "A".. Ha, forgive me for the "spoiler" :-) The song must be "Another Day" About the comments by "King", I had the same feeling. Nevertheless, in those days it was still quite 百花齊放 cos we had a much wider choice to listen to. But when the punk/new wave era came at around 1977, rock music was never the same again. Most of them were just "noise", and then when the MTV (and later karaoke) was invented, that's the day the music died (just like Don Mclean's Amercian Pie had predicted) Ah, let me give my profile: Location: HK Age: 56 Gender: Male My music sites: myblog dot yahoo dot com dot hk/webbburt777 www dot youtube dot com/user/webb60s

    回覆(2010/11/4 10:54:25)

    well when it comes to oldies, you have no match. "another day" is a song i like very much among mccartney 70's output. it was released as a single and not in the "ram" album. glad to know you find additional fans through this site. it does make everything more worthwhile.

  • 訪客:king      2010/11/2 22:33:08    

    後補﹕ paul mccartney & wings 既 ram on 大碟確實系 70 年代最精彩既樂壇作品之一。

    回覆(2010/11/2 22:45:56)

    which reminds me, i should post a paul mccartney song of that period in the jukebox. soon. something starts with "A"...

  • 訪客:king      2010/11/2 22:16:01    

    to 小宇 & cmmm: 記得有一段日子收音機播既歌日日都好正﹐ 果段日子我地聽到 maggie may, heart of gold, carol king, carly simon 好多好多。直到有一日收音機播出 3 degree 既 when will i see you again 之後﹐ 我就感覺到音樂世界既恐怖紀元開始來臨喇﹐ 果然﹐ 3 degree 之後而離既就系 disco 油脂年代﹐ 日日收音機傳離既就系 "fing fing funk funk" 既 disco beat﹐ 果段黑暗既日子真系好難頂。

    回覆(2010/11/2 22:44:33)

    惡夢還有Silver Convention (Fly Robin Fly), Boney M (River of Babylon)!不甘後人、與時並進的Barbra Streisand也曾來一首disco beat的 The Main Event。但 Grace Jones 的 La Vie En Rose 卻是例外,很cool。

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/11/2 10:15:59    

    can it be cmmmmm is a virtual personality created by supercomputer to interfere with mr deng's life? :0 can it be mr deng is also computer-generated? ;0 twitter is full of interesting top tweets daily glad that paul macartney is still active after all these yrs....just listened to an old cd from 1970s paul's post-beatles wings band music made with his wife

    回覆(2010/11/2 23:01:08)

    at times i do suspect you are some kind of AI. take peter, another frequent commentator here for example, when i read his messages, i can sense he is talking but with you, your words seem like machine generated, so detached and quite often with a tint of cynicism. perhaps you consciously style yourself as such. is a bit of human warmth so untolerable? i have second thoughts to post this but finally i decide to go ahead. i speak out sincerely while knowing practically nothing about your background. i hope you are not offended which is not at all my intention.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/1 19:35:00    

    > ...disco music very dated > but i never get tired of songs from the 50's and 60's. don't know why. Yeah Siu Yu, disco music just doesn't stay long (I just cannot stand its "THUMP THUMP" montonus beat ) Having said that, there were some more elegant music which branched out of the dance craze music in that era, e.g. The Hustle by Van Mccoy , the orchestrated sounds of Barry White ... and of course the Stylistics which is the best of the Philly sounds (thanks to Thom Bell the composer/producer) As for the songs of the 50s/60s, they were the period when the best melodies were written and the singers then could deliver them so well. Remember a song which was much sung in the local music competitions in early 60s , Al di La (Connie Francis) ? www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=VI-HX2jtvzQ It was really well sung and was originally an Italian song, much like Dusty Springfield's You Don't Have to say you Love me and Elvis' It's Now or Never (both were Italian songs) As for the pop songs, the Braille Building in New York had many good composers like Neil Sedaka, Carole King, Burt Bacharach , Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil ..etc etc who churned out catchy songs one after the other Here's Carole King's singing the song Oh Neil to answer Neil Sedaka for his O Carol www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=L7d7UbCMuow So much for now

    回覆(2010/11/1 23:01:38)

    1) i also love van mccoy's 《the hustle》. i remember when it first became was popular in the mid 70's i was in europe and people were dancing to this song in every bar. 2) connie francis is usually good singing italian songs as she is italian descend. our 葛蘭also did a cover of 《al di la》and simply called it 《亞黛拉》!3) the carole king spoof 《oh neil 》is very cute. thanks for sharing. i must say youtube is full of hidden goodies while its chinese counterparts are more straightforward and deadpan. 4) 在我自己的留言忘記提醒Jukebox已依序換入十首新歌,希望其中有你喜歡的。

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/11/1 14:45:30    

    今天是一號,已update了在主頁的《更新提示/通告》,可查看新內容。另我本來回應了一大段有關cmmmm君說的 super computer,誰知當我按留言icon時,竟彈出「驗証不符」,整段文字全被删去!God knows how slow i am with the chinese writing pad!現在我索性把這回應當做一篇短文,稍後放在私人感覺,但好像已不及我第一回寫得那麼好了,可惜。

    回覆(2010/11/1 14:45:30)

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/11/1 11:31:53    

    freedomtocreate dot com for artists

    回覆(2010/11/1 13:15:11)

    again, you are resourceful. artists should browse this website and perhaps enter the competition.

  • 訪客:jo      2010/10/31 20:14:33    

    happy birthday and stay decent and healthy as usual.

    回覆(2010/11/1 13:13:52)

    try to, everyday.

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/31 14:27:17    

    TIANHE-1A IS CHINA FASTEST SUPERCOMPUTER, acc to internet news so we're all living in the age of supercomputing so all the nostalgia, all the cultural artistic literary consciousness probably being absorbed by supercomputer which may be developing its own intelligence outwitting humans, as in hollywood sci-fi movies like THE MATRIX so, one night i may get sms from eileen chang, cao xueqin, shakespeare, mozart etc all resurrected by supercomputer HAVE FUN LIVING UNDER CONTROL BY CHINESE SUPERCOMPUTER

    回覆(2010/10/31 14:27:17)

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