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    G, sorry i accidentally clicked the erase sign when i wanted to click the reply sign. so went your message. i am using writing pad for chinese and lots of time the wrong words pop up. also i have to select punctuation which also takes time. as for 俞琤,knowing her for so many years, i still cannot figure out if she is 奸 or 忠. i guess more to the side of 奸 if i still cannot be sure after so long. the photos i select for the articles mostly come from google image though some are my 私伙. it's fun to select photos. lastly on ipad, my inside pages are not flash. so if you type the site addresses of 文字世界, 視聽空間 and 訪客留言, these pages show on ipad and so do the subpages. i think ipad will support flash soon though. once again, sorry to erase your message.

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    在忽明忽暗忽忽明忽滅之特別好食好色行政區留不留嬉言廢語也如輕輕飄絮 傾城之戀中那面牆巳经拆去去遠 [成龍大哥有冇机出演未來new batman movies]

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    i would say 成龍 is the actor i dread the most.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/7 7:24:55    

    Siu Yu said: > how can you forget 天師捉妖 ... But this is more a dark comedy than thriller/horror film 呀, 因童年住灣仔香港大舞台 (i.e. current Hopewell Centre) 附近, 所以在 60-65年間 看了大批 曹達華/于素秋 的武俠片 , 而必有 陳寶珠當 小師弟的 配角 ... 對後者有份親切感 ... So when I tried to dig out her even early movies, I've come to find the first 2 of hers which were not even cantonese but mandarin, i.e. 雨過天青 and 童軍教練 Both had the same production team, like 宋淇 and 鍾啓文 ... The former starred Siu Yu as PO Chu's step brother and it has been released in quite good quality DVD, but the latter is lost. Recently the Hong Kong Film Archive has dug it out from San Francisco and is now available for watching in its Resource Centre. For curiousity (want to see how Po Chu looks in her first ever film), went to watch it yesterday. Not bad at all. 寶珠真啱食呢行飯, she acted in an exactly different way than what she did in 雨過天青 , very 活潑 可人. 片中還有幾首歌, 原來唱的是 丁皓 呢 And there's a funny scene when the scouts performed some rock-n-roll hits of that year(1959) incl. a Billy Haley song (song is kind of like Rock around the clock), Elvis' Hot Dog Platters' Only You, and a Harry Belafonte song which is a calypso ... The director is 陶秦 , and the female actress is 翁木蘭 (a name quite familiar to me, but I cannot recall who she was)

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    i saw the movie you mentioned 《scout master》a few years ago. i must hats off to 電懋. only this studio would care to produce a movie on such topic and so 西化. it was quite entertaining with sister pearl already in drag (as a boy scout, i think she's hardly 10 years old then). did you enjoy the scene where the 2 pearls (the other being 梁宝珠, the daughter of 波叔 in real life) danced to cha cha music? i also enjoyed the 營火會 you singled out with the scouts singing and dancing to chinese cover of "歐西流行歌曲" (what an archaic term!). i hope the film archive will show this movie to the public since they got the copy and not always 野玫瑰之戀!

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    張之<怨女> 吾国同志作者崔子恩<桃色咀唇> 問世间 情是何物 通街都係港男港女天天上演痴錢騷 如果美国今夜消失 明天日本自会成為一个中国特別好味行政區

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    wow! this is heavy. stream of consciousness par excellence! i don't see the connection among these 5 lines. perhaps there is so much between the lines that i miss...

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    any significance related to the numbers of m you use as the other commentator sharply observed?

  • 訪客:sandy      2010/11/6 10:17:09    

    國家這舉動好令人茅盾。我不多在 youku, tudu 看外國劇,因每次看總有些罪惡感,但沒有了,肯定教人若有所失。不過如果中國從此走上守法之路,這代價我願意付.

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    now we have to re-get used to the 10 minute break of youtube.

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/11/5 20:28:58    

    STOP PRESS: 國家似乎終於尊重知識產權了,優酷網忽然删除所有歐美長片(短片段沒有問題,日本片暫時仍可以),如我在土豆或其網找到同一片子,會上傳取代目前放在影視片段或文章內的優酷影片。但很可能土豆很快也會有同一行動了,陳方安 is so right, 唯有see one step walk one step!

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  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/11/5 11:24:12    

    if dxy can feel HUMAN WARMTH in cyberspace it's then halloween 3.0 午夜凶鈴之貞子爬出电腦moniotr acc to futurist ray kurzweil virtual artists will appear in all arts in 2019 william burroughs' graphic novel will be published. for fans only.

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    Ha, cmmmmm sometimes have 4m , sometimes 5m and sometimes 6m ... :-) So he/she must be computer generated, LOL Okay, back to movies ... We all marvelled at the stunning visual effects of movies by Stanley Kubrick. But in the mid 70s there's a movie called Don't Look Now directed by Nicholas Roeg, starring Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie and shot in mysterious Venice, and in my opinion this is even more visually stunning than Kubrick's The Shining. Has Siu Yiu watched this great thriller movie before? Last weekend I talked about this film with Alex Chan on his radio show (the theme that night was Halloween and horror related things) and he said it's also his favorite horror movie of all time. UNfortunately Nicholas had only one masterpiece (his other movies are not half as good), much like the director of The 6th Sense, who could never do another great movie after this

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    don't look now is really eerie and aptly uses the desolated venice as backdrop. how can you forget 天師捉妖!thsi is the 集體回憶of our generation.

  • 訪客:cmmmmm      2010/11/4 11:27:48    

    DIRECTOR 実相寺昭雄 AKIO JISSOJI 日本以外全部沈沒 ultraman ultra7 TV SHOWS marquis de sade's prosperities of vice OMG, WHAT A LEGEND IN JAP CINEMA & KIDDIE TV. WHICH CHINESE KID & KIDULT DOESN'T LOVE JAP ULTRAMAN??!!

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  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/11/4 10:56:53    

    for fans of old german literature & cinema margarete boehme 1905 book DIARY OF A LOST GIRL rediscovered & republished in USA 1929 pabst movie FROM THE MIST OF TIME SHE EMERGES, AND THEN DISPPEARING INTO THE MIST OF TIME, SOON TO REEMERGE SO MUCH MYSTIQUE & HALO SURROUNDING DEAD WRITERS INCL. EILEEN CHANG

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  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/11/4 9:34:31    

    for fans of richard wagner interested in spending coming weekend in seville, spain opera/music drama perfromance EL ORO DEL RIN [DAS RHEINGOLD], AT MAESTRANZA THEATER FLY SEVILLE TO ENJOY SPANISH AUTUMN [neo-nazi skinheads should take a break from their schedule & fascism worship & sit quietly as nice little boys inside the theater]

    回覆(2010/11/4 10:57:02)

    for the less extravagants, we can always go to see tristan and isolde here in hong kong in march 2011 thanks to arts festival.

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