• 訪客:Sharon      2010/12/11 23:10:49    

    hi 小宇,在Janice Wong的微博看到你爲她簽書的照片,不禁又幻想下你也在微博該多好,雖然之前已經看到你寫不開微博的原因,理解的,但每次看到有朋友貼出你的照片或者提起你的在哪裡又有新文章的時候,總會不自覺又幻想一下......

    回覆(2010/12/12 10:39:59)

    我有在微博被提及嗎?哈哈太意想不到了,正如我也意想不到也不明白為什麼隔了廿多年(!!!omg!)薛芷倫突然通過Janice Wong請我去她的生日飯聚(that explains her 微博entry),我本以為是a table of snobs,已穿上戰衣準備迎戰,卻竟再多來一次意想不到,認識了幾位可愛的女孩,令我對當今那些名牌揸fit人的偏見有所改觀。thanks fanny, for a lovely evening。我的微博/twitter/facebook或許只能在這裏土法進行。

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/11 19:51:39    

    The talk of town these few days must be that empty chair in the Nobel Prize ceremony :-) I particularly like the speech by Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann (she was once a pretty actress in Hollywood movies) I love her lip syncing in that scene of the Burt Bacharach score movie The Lost Horizon, singing the wonderful song The World is a Circle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC1C1L5jOHE and also Don Mclean's song Empty Chairs always brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtrIc8vq7wU Simply beautiful. How can we find such wonderful singer songwriter these days :-(

    回覆(2010/12/12 10:19:45)

    i only saw the trailer of《lost horizon》once and was enough for me to conclude it's a terrible movie which brought out the worst of burt bacharach. he never recovered and no more memorable songs ever since except perhaps the theme from arthur. i watched the don mclean clip but sorry i skipped the other clip in fear of reliving the nightmare of lost horizon! sorry about that, peter. i wish mr bacharach could erase this disastrous venture from his otherwise lustrous career profile.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/10 15:39:30    

    Thanks Siu Yu for your response. Yes, will try those Japanese books you recommend. > 我想不到Eric與Beatles如何扯上關係 ..... Ha, let me guess :-) Eric Clapton was closely related to George Harrison in the last few years of the Beatles era. He even stole George's wife after a few years later :-) Eric played some guitar part in the much acclaimed Beatle's song Here Comes the Sun and George paid back by playing on the song Badge , a famous Cream (when Eric was still with this super group) classic. BTW, Eric will be in HK next Feb. But he's not my cup of tea (except for some psychedelic songs with the Cream).

    回覆(2010/12/12 10:22:18)

    it is indeed an informed guess. i do believe they named the character Eric not for no reason and your guess could be the reason as the eric character is sort of an outsider while the rest is a clique.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/10 4:27:35    

    Siu Yu wrote > Paul McCartney 到了七十年代依然有佳作 ... Don't know why. When Paul did not have to compete with John (in the days when they were still in one band) when writing songs, his magic of writing great melodies suddenly dried up. In the 70s, his best work like "My Love" was still much inferior when compared with those he wrote in the 60s. Just to mention a few, those songs like The Fool On the Hill, Here There & Everywhere, Eleanor Rigby .. really excelled over his better songs of the 70s like My Love, Live and Let Die ....

    回覆(2010/12/10 15:07:29)

    最近看了話劇《戀愛總是平靜地意外身亡》,差不多全用上Beatles的歌曲做配樂,所有角色的名字都和Beatles有關:Lennon/Yesterday, Michelle, Ringo, Jude, Lucy, Bird...除了Eric, 我想不到Eric與Beatles如何扯上關係。

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/8 20:27:45    

    Have read through your recent book review of 村上春樹 's iQ84 Part 3. Interesting. Will try to get the series to have a read. My first encounter of Japanese 推理小说 is 松本清張 's 點與線 It is way back in the mid 80s and that was a really extraordinary reading experience. Once I started it, I just could not put it down. It is a real classic. The plot and the way it was laid down was something I have never read before. BRILLIANT !!!

    回覆(2010/12/10 14:59:39)

    《點與線》確是推理小說中的傑作,我特別欣賞書中那在躺在床上的女病人寫的那篇有關日本全國各地火車站火車進出的散文,不但文字簡潔優美浪漫,甚至有詩般意境。正在讀宮部美幸的推理小說《樂園》,仍未知結局,but so far so good.

  • 訪客:散凤      2010/12/8 10:22:33    

    paul mcartney received an award of honor in whitehouse from the president obama what a great musician! thanks to mr siuyu for the good music here.

    回覆(2010/12/8 16:18:45)

    音樂是很個人的,如果你愛聽我選擇的其中一部份,我已很開心了。Paul McCartney 到了七十年代依然有佳作,但之後就不怎樣了,我特別怕他和Michael Jackson合作那些。

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/12/7 20:01:37    

    i just find out many of my selections in youku (优酷) are not accessible in some parts of the world (USA for example) probably due to copy right issues. i'm disappointed that noobody ever informed me. seems nobody gives a damn. regardless, i may still do my best to move the titles to other sites. however i do appreciate you out there would let me know if you are not able to access to certain links in your region.

    回覆(2010/12/7 20:01:37)

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/7 19:58:27    

    Thanks for sharing your friend Ruby's letter on John's death.她的字雖然潦草, 但很充滿真倩感受. I'll Follow the Sun 也是我很喜歡 的 Beatles 早期作品, 那時的披頭 以動聽 的 3 part harmony (John, Paul & George 都是唱得的人) 見稱. Album Rubber Soul 之後的 Beatles 雖則話創意多了, 但也有很多歌是 "過了火位" 我很喜歡 John 在 Rubber Soul 內的 Girl and Norwegian Wood (當然人人都祇讚 In My Life) Paul 的 Eleanor Rigby 是一首 至 classic 而 innovative 的作品, 多得 the 5th Beatle George Martin 將它編得如此 優雅 ... 呀 ! John died in 1980, isn't it? So this is the 30th (not 31st) anniversary of his death. 我曾讀過 Cynthia Lennon 寫 Lennon 的那本 biogprahy, 她說 Lennon 與 9 這數字 有緣: Borned on 9th Oct, killed on 9th of Dec (UK time, becos New York is a day behind England time), and wrote songs like "No 9 Dream" "One after the 909" .... etc 上年聖誕, Tuen Mun Plaza 請了一隊 Beatles mimic band (from Australia) 在商塲免費表演 那樂隊真不錯, 我去了看, 還 shout out to ask them to perform one of my fav. John's early song "IF I FELL" and they performed it. I shot it with my cell phone and here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOGRJ5bpwVs

    回覆(2010/12/8 16:13:20)

    personally i prefer the early beatles (pre sgt pepper) songs. 〈i'll follow the sun〉is so simple and yet so touching especially in this context. 〈if i fell〉is even earlier and is also a damn good song. too bad the sound quality is not that good in your clip.

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/12/7 13:46:02    

    明天(十二月八号)是John Lennon逝世卅一週年,在圖片收藏分享欄除了有Lennon 的照片Gallery之以,還有我中學時的好友Ruby Liang在事發當日從三藩市寄來的郵簡,那可是最直接,沒有任何矯飾的真情流露,三十一年後重讀仍是那麽的感動,確是十分珍貴,信中直行在拆信時可能撕掉了幾個字母,應該是電影《Ordinary People》吧。另外在Song Performance也上傳了四首John Lennon我的個人選擇。

    回覆(2010/12/7 13:46:02)

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/3 10:57:26    

    > ... jukebox也替換了十首新歌,希望你們喜歡 .. Thanks for those. Great choice again. Ha, you mentioned you don't have much "rock" in them. But this time you've chosen White Rabbit by that psychedelic west coast group Jefferson Airplane. Ah, I've browsed thru 優酷 video site recently and find their video are much smoother now. I even watched the whole movie 巴山夜雨 (one of the pioneers in 傷痕文學 turned chinese movies after 1980, accusing the tragic of Cultural Revolution in China) there. And Youku has much lesser control of copyright like Youtube. So here I would like to share with music lovers (esp. Siu Yu) here 2 songs I've placed on Youku (i tried to avoid putting them on Youtube lest they ban them) 1. Saturday Sunshine - Burt Bacharach (Again, I used ond of my morning ferry rides video (with sunshine) http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTcwODMyNDQw.html 2. A Henry Mancini played Antonio Carlos Jobim music I dubbed it over an awesome beach scene of a 70s movie starring young Jodie Foster The music is so Mancini styled melancholy. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTY3MDYxNzE2.html

    回覆(2010/12/5 23:09:23)

    funny how these 2 middle of the road songs get such dramatic difference in ratings. does it have anything to do with the titles? more attactive the title, more clicking from the public? it seems packaging does matter.

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/12/1 19:55:06    


    回覆(2010/12/1 19:55:06)

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/1 18:40:31    

    在網上溜灠, 無意中 找到 小宇 1980 年號外的一篇 "POSITIVELY 葛蘭" http://hksan.net/smsifc/gelanweb/positively.html 而這web site 的下一篇 是 80年代中 在 明報 寫雜文 的 女作家 孔昭 寫的 "想起了葛蘭" http://hksan.net/smsifc/gelanweb/thinkof.html 在 1980年, 我因在 香港周刊 (the first rival magazine to 明周)寫樂評而認識了 孔小姐 (she was working there at the time). 真想知道 the whereabout of 孔昭. Does Siu Yu know her ?

    回覆(2010/12/1 19:28:23)

    positively 葛蘭 is posted here in the 偏見與傲慢 section. i have never seen 孔昭 before but i did write a short aritcle on her: see 私人感覺欄1998年2月的"孔昭的惻隱...."

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