• 訪客:Surina      2010/1/10 3:02:16    

    Thanks for posting 'One day when we were young'versions. Looks very exciting. Will have to learn how to download now;).The other postings are very attractive too. Thank u so much!After reading ur article on k.d.lang I can better understand why u so stronly recommended her a few months back. I am still amazed at ur broad range of knowledge, passion and taste for both Chinese and western music, and films and plays and books and people! Hearing ur opinion stimulates me to appreciate certain things more.How u let ur feelings be known in the articles always brings a smile,u are very real!

    回覆(2013/10/26 13:02:15)

    hope you can visit hong kong more often.

  • 訪客:ophelia      2010/1/1 23:34:21    

    On the first day of the year.I wish you more healthy,more happy on 2010. I like the front page, that is a quiet but beautiful Christmas. After all those gathering & parties. I can come back to my music & books. Looking to read more article or interview of you. You really bring me/us a lot of meaningful things. I'm still looking to see you one day. Happy New Year.

    回覆(2013/9/27 11:53:14)

    happy new year 2010! glad to know you are doing so well in 2013!

  • 訪客:FOX      2010/1/1 18:06:14    


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  • 訪客:L      2010/1/1 3:12:36    


    回覆(2013/10/26 13:03:42)


  • 訪客:jo      2010/1/1 1:07:38    

    Happy 2010! Your interview about 黃韻詩 had made me "re-watched"「山水」and「執到寶」once again over the holidays, still enjoyable as usual. 梅劍仙 is definitely one of my all time favourite characters in TV history. And I think in every female's life, there should be one or more guys like 靳玉樓 in and out. Know it well it's a poison but still took it without a pause. P.S. I like 『香城妖姬』 too and also 梅劍仙 in yellow dress had her 1st dance with the playboy.

    回覆(2013/10/26 13:04:50)

    hope the young people nowadays find it enjoyable too.

  • 訪客:L      2009/12/31 23:15:03    


    回覆(2009/12/31 23:49:31)

    年長了也不再介意老土了,祝大家新年進步。2009年最開心的事是出版〈吃羅宋餐的日子〉,而是終於下定决心做了這個網站,重新找回很多遺失了忘記了的舊文,加上現時網上提供豐富的視聽資料,很多舊的過時的內容也可以重新「活」起來,我在98年寫Marlene Dietrich 在六七十年代唱〈Where Have All the Flowers Gone〉,基本上是一篇死胡同文章,但現時有youtube的連結,大家可以看到兩個不同的現場演唱版本,便能很輕易對照及印證內容了。希望你們在這站 one way or the other 都有所得。小宇

  • 訪客:西      2009/12/29 21:55:33    


    回覆(2013/10/26 13:06:02)

    this is all i can give.

  • 訪客:Surina       2009/12/28 9:46:07    

    Actually I thought of the song after reading what u wrote about BIlly Jean and Overtime. Sometimes people are thought of more often than they will ever know, and are treasured more than they will ever realise. People don't always have the opportunity or the words to express what they feel. It's a great blessing to have a friend who cares and who can communicate!

    回覆(2009/12/28 14:30:32)

    很開心你留意到《Overtime/Bobbie Jean》這篇文,它也是我個人較偏愛的文章其中之一。

  • 訪客:Surina      2009/12/23 10:54:18    

    Sure I have been with your website all this time. Every week I eagerly look for any new articles or new comments from u, or I read some of ur articles again and marvel how u have expressed the feelings so well!It's really a privilege to be connected this way. The picture u included in the article on Vivre s Vie(Can't remember the spelling,sorry.)of a Japanese(?) girl - she is So beautiful!Do u like the song "one day when we were young"? Can u post it? I still haven't learnt to type in Chinese,so can't use those sometimes very succint and expressive terms.(sigh!) I enjoy ur readers' comments too. Mr. Zhang's sharing has left quite an impression on me!

    回覆(2013/10/26 13:08:36)


  • 訪客:hmm.. love it.      2009/12/22 6:18:30    

    any more posts coming ?

    回覆(2013/10/26 13:10:11)


  • 訪客:jude      2009/12/21 14:38:55    


    回覆(2013/10/26 13:10:34)

  • 訪客:jo      2009/12/19 23:59:17    

    Agree... and I think he definitely deserves a credit in HK romantic novel history. Do hope some publishers will re-publish his series or at least some of the popular ones.

    回覆(2009/12/19 23:59:17)

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