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  • 訪客:ophelia      2009/11/18 23:25:59    

    I try to visit your website in China since 12/11. But it doesn''t work. Lucky that I bought the City magazine with me. And lucky that I live in HK. I can enjoy all the freedom at the moment. About your article of TIMLESSNESS,it remind me that your another article which advertised on City magazine last year. It was about your father. I feel very sorry about that. But I can feel how much you love him. I have met your father 2 times when he came with Patrick. The first time I met him was about 5 years ago. He came convention centre and just standing outside our booth. I wondering who is he such a gentleman just keep watching Patrick. Deal to my curiousity, I spoke to him. Then I found that he is Patrick''s father. Such a great father, I can tell from his face how he care about his son when I talked with him. I think he must proud to have son like you and your brothers. By the way, don''t care about your reply. I understand your style. Just do what you want. I respect what you do. The last respond was so wonderful to me. I will keep in my heart forever too.

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    yes i still miss my father. i wish he could have seen me launch my books and this site. i am sure he would have come to the site everyday.

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  • 訪客:站借問設計工程師      2009/11/18 12:00:05    

    因網站服務器受到攻擊﹐ 需要維修回復數據而導致過去二十多個小時本站運作受到影響﹐ 站借問運行現已完全回復正常﹐ 為各位訪客帶來不便之處﹐ 本站站務工程人員深感抱歉﹗ 站借問設計初期並未考慮到需要作出任何即時公告而設置公告欄目﹐ 日後本站若有任何即時消息公報﹐ 將於本留言版向各位好友訪客發放訊息﹐ 期望與大家保持最緊密的聯繫。 站借問站務工程仝人再次感謝大家的光臨﹗ 另外﹐ 本站文章目錄頁面的所有文章標題﹐ 皆依年份作排列次序﹐而每日不斷添加的文章內容﹐ 包涵了小宇各個時期的作品﹐ 較舊年份的作品標題可能被推到第二第三或更前的頁面﹐ 讀者朋友們請不時到較前頁面查找﹐以免錯過久遺了的精彩作品﹐ 謝謝﹗

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  • 訪客:alfred      2009/11/18 11:57:49    

    境在網絡上看到鄧先生的出現實在驚喜萬分!! 期待你的再版書及新的文章~~

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  • 訪客:JOEY      2009/11/15 18:14:26    

    Great background music!

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  • 訪客:力奇      2009/11/13 22:36:41    

    有如發現寶藏般﹐ 竟然讓我在這裡閱讀到 “偏見與傲慢” 和 “女人就是女人”﹐ 不過好像還不齊全﹐ 希望快快貼上全部讓我止癮﹗ 還有7幾年的文章﹐ 幾乎把整個網都挖穿了﹐ 今天竟然在這裡找到了。小宇真的功德無量﹐ 辛苦了。

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  • 訪客:matilda      2009/11/13 10:35:25    

    virtual or real, this is really touching! apart from the reality that you've placed the very last piece in this puzzle game, jo. you're stuffing up our imaginations while reading the "russian meal" as well. peter is a writer, a true writer with no doubt. i see pictures and characters jump out from his words, in real.

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    subsequently in 2010 i wrote a piece "charismas tree in matauwei road" (now housed in personal sentiment section) which contains added information of my primary school experience and of vincent kwok. it is my personal favourite piece. have you read it?

  • 訪客:jo      2009/11/13 0:44:57    

    Your reply made my day...! It had been a struggle for me since July - to tell or not to tell. Afterall, it is not a happy ending (esp. to the old school mate who wrote you the long letter). I had been thinking about it today why "Vincent gor gor" (to me, my bro and my cousin he is always Vincent gor gor) had chosen me to bring this message to his old friend. Perhaps... just my wild guess, he only learnt that I am in fact a Fag-hag after he moved up there! It is really my honor to be the "messager" in this matter - a feeling like placing the very last piece of a 1000 jig-saw puzzle.

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    so happy to know you jo and glad you gave abirth to a baby girl a couple of years ago. wonder if you have a second child by now?

  • 訪客:JC      2009/11/13 0:40:02    

    Since I find your website, it's really a pleasure to read your articles every night. Before, I just read your "Woman in Kenzo" when I was in high school, and of course I've also read your articles in City Magazine and your new book "Russian Meal". Now, as a 30+ single woman, i find it really enjoyable to read "Woman is Woman" as the articles are touching and hilarious, though they were wrote in 80's. Look forward to more articles.

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    thanks so much for your compliments. wonder if you still drop by after all these years.

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