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  • 訪客:mcc      2010/1/30 18:54:08    

    I discovered this website in late Dec 2009. It is nice to revisit a lot of the materials that were published years ago. I might have missed a lot of them, and the new ones. These are some comments that I have. It will be good that the background music will be randomly generated. An archive section which enables one to look back some of the designs such as the Christmas greeting cards. Help us check out the changes in one place and link to the new additions. A RSS feeds mechanism and capability of viewing with I-phone, Google phone, etc. An example of such features can be found in most blogs. I hope that you consider this as positive feedback. All in all, it is the contents that counts. These are just icings on the top. Without them, you bet we all are still looking forwards to the new additions.

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    The photo sharing page is actually serving kind of archival function and already displaying some old clips from City magazine and other sources. There will be more. Random background music is a very good suggestion. I will check if the layout of the site can accomodate such a change. You can call me illiterate as far as I.T. knowledge goes. My instruction to the designer/engineer when building this site was not at all sophisticated and I subsequently learnt my way from scratch. I do what i can and try to make it as user friendly as possible within my limitation.

  • 訪客:孝文      2010/1/27 20:42:08    

    對於China Chow,我同意你的看法。出於好奇,我也曾在網上搜索了一下她的資料,但看來她的模特兒事業並沒有多大的發展。上次我提及網上有關Tian Chow 的悼文是 Gross, Michael (March 2, 1992), "Lost Angel: The Death and Life of a Woman of Fashion", New York Magazine: 29-36 (該文可透過 google books 找到)。如果鄧先生覺得合適,或可放在網上興其他讀者分享。 另外,有兩個問題想向鄧先生請教: 1. 哪兒可以找到Andy Warhol主理時期的《Interview》呢?曾搜索過British Library的目錄,但似乎他們也沒有收藏。 2. 網上會有更多有關唐書琨先生的資料嗎?以前我只知道唐書璇導演,看過你的文章後,對唐先生這個皇族似的人物很感興趣。

    回覆(2010/1/28 13:53:12)

    1)British Library may be too established and serious to collect such periodicals. Design schools may have this kind of collection. 2)我的連結有唐書琨的攝影網站,他退休後現居國內,經常旅遊攝影,也有來港與好友(如鍾楚紅、張叔平)見面飯敘。 3)要見識大歌星風範,可在song performance page 看澤田研二在紅白大賽之片段 (會在28號晚上放上)。

  • 訪客:孝文      2010/1/26 17:25:35    

    鄧先生,謝謝你的回覆,你在網站上兩篇有關Tian Chow 的文章,我都看了。起初對她產生好奇是因為Andy Warhol會到 "Mr Chow",當然亦受她的清麗吸引。看了網上的悼文,知道了她英年早逝的原因,想起訪問中她曾感慨有很多好朋友早歿,後來再讀到 Keith Haring 說過近似的話,覺得有點感慨。 我對於Leslie的認識,只限於舞台上和銀幕上的他。我對他的敬意,是因為他的專業——可能他的歌藝及演技不屬頂級,但他在工作時是認真的,不會忘記歌詞舞步,接了爛戲也會努力的去演。現實生活中他可能有很多缺點,但對於一個一直保持專業的藝人,想無論如何,我還是尊重的。 因為看了你的文章,我開始懂得欣賞Jil Sander,不過暫時只能負擔〈+J〉系列。Uniqlo倫敦區的戰況毫不激烈,我去的那天只有幾個人在選衣服,當中最興奮的,是一對香港母女。

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    On the other hand, their daughter China Chow is quite common by comparison. 上次回覆我弄錯了,《他們把snobbery收藏得很好》一文原來是在《女人就是女人》欄內。另覆Amina又串錯了Suzanne Vega,太大意了。

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    1)Georges Brassens - Je Me Suis Fait Tout Petit (from the CD Putumaya Presents French Cafe) 2)Susanne Vega - Caramel (from the CD 9 Objects of Desire) 3)Lalo Schifrin - Bossa Antique (from the CD The Dissection and reconstruction of music from the past as performed by the inmates of Lalo Schifrin's demented ensemble as a tribute to the memory of the Marquis de Sade) 4)Jacques Loussier Trio - Variation 8 (from the CD Beethovan Allegretto from Symphony No.7, Theme and Variations) 5) Lalo Schifrin - Renaissance (from the same CD of Song #3) Amazon.com has a few copies of the Schifrin CD. The rest I got in HMV Hong Kong.

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    鄧先生,很感激你上傳那些珍貴的舊文;通過閱讀,我得以認識一個我趕不上的年代,認識了許多精彩的人物。請問你還有關於Tian Chow的文章可以跟我們分享嗎?我在網上讀了一篇悼念她的文章,希望有機會能知道多一點有關她的事情。 另外,剛讀了你那篇關於張國榮的文篇。很想知道這些年來你對 Leslie 的觀感有改變嗎?Monica年代的Leslie或許未及譚先生受歡迎,但在我的印象中,後來就發展成他們兩人之爭的局面——林先生和許先生無疑是紅極一時的巨星,但畢竟在86年他們應該已不再在事業的頂峰?平心而論,Leslie的受歡迎程度可能曾經不及譚先生,但他的藝術成就,怎麼說,也應該超越了譚先生吧?我沒有現場看過譚先生在巔峰時期的演出,但觀乎他在近年演唱會的表現,以及近年在那些所謂「電影」中的「演出」,我真的覺得他有點侮辱了專業歌手或演員的名號。 我寫這段感想不是要為Leslie辯護,只是不吐不快之餘,很想知道鄧先生你對藝術生命成熟後的Leslie有甚麼觀感。

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    我寫過兩篇有關 Tina Chow 的文章,有一篇放在《偏見與傲慢》一欄內,知看了沒?至於張國榮,對不起,我對他的歌是沒甚認識,但我始終都不怎欣賞他的為人和作風,將來有機會我或會講詳細些。

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    I was going to write u after reading about Setsuko Hara(circa 1981) when I was pleasantly surprised to see ur new posting of Saijo Hideki concert(circa 1981). Having lived in South America for so many years, I have never attended a concert in HK,so it is a lot of fun to read about a superstar and the 'insiders' reactions to him. I think the Japanese fans that gave a show among the audience in support of their 'god' must be very gratified. I can imagine how excited they must have been all the way from preparation,practice to actually doing it and the after glow and memories. In life, don't we hope for something beautiful that 'll last a life time? Are they some kind of contrast to the characters portrayed by Setsuko Hara, who live with some resigned discontent all their lives?

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    好想說說方盈。她離去讓人傷心,惋惜。去年暑假,我把,自在住,看了不知多少遍,像聖經一樣。她把人生和生活說得剔透。 it's human dignity at its best. 小宇說這書是逗號,可惜巳成句號。

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    Always eager for new posts! So glad for ur article from 1981 on gossip culture, and can see how the trend has been going on exactly as how u have described it and predicted it. Nowadays it is sth. that many can't live without - what are people going to fill their minds with and talk about?

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    gossip always sells. look at all the gossip magaines, hard and soft core.

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    R.I.P. Miss Ngai !!!

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