• 訪客:jo      2010/8/4 0:47:16    

    amazing that city mag had already introduced 青島 30 yrs ago... it's kinda hard to imagine taking 18 hrs by train from beijing in those days for a vacation. i bet only the transportation can drive me nuts and no way to be carefree.

    回覆(2010/8/4 14:46:56)

    yes it is amazing that some of these old pieces read like new! City Magazine was quite something in those days.

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/8/3 20:58:26    


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  • 訪客:伍小時      2010/8/3 11:48:55    

    先生, 您好. 我執理書枱, 見信報2009-11-2日《阿麥太專欄》推薦而到訪, 現時11:15 am播的歌曲很動聽,.未及詳覽貴網, 必再重訪. 祝日安.

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  • 訪客:ingrid ha      2010/8/3 6:26:18    

    小宇先生, 買了你'穿Kenzo的女人', 像返回從前看'號外'的日子. 只是我看了才31頁, 已經3個typo :(

    回覆(2010/8/3 20:49:28)

    oh dear! it seems typo these days is my specialty! will be more careful with proof reading. can you be kind enough to point out the typos in case there is a reprint and also for the mainland edition? thanks.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/8/2 15:40:02    

    Ha, 小宇. That 「住中間房的女人」is very typical in those old films. Besides 余美華 , there are also a few which belongs to this category, e.g. 1. 上官玉 (remember her ? she's also wife of 關鍵 in real life), 2. 甘露 (though she sometimes looked quite old) and 3. not forgetting our legendary 狄娜 (like in those cult/camp movies 得左, 七擒七縱 xxx , 滿天神佛 ..) 4. In her middle age years, 夏萍 had acted in such roles quite frequently too.

    回覆(2010/8/2 15:40:02)

  • 訪客:little      2010/8/2 6:14:53    


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  • 訪客:Little      2010/8/2 6:06:38    


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  • 訪客:Peter      2010/7/30 11:45:05    

    Thanks for your response, 小宇 Yes, I remember 小佩佩 (and also that 妞妞 later of Shaw Brothers) There's also a famous 張小燕 of Taiwan who started to act as child actor at around the same time as you did. Regarding 陳鴻影, if you watched plenty of 嶺光電影, she's always there So you might have seen her before but didn't know her name Type into the Youtube Search Box "陳鴻影 丁瑩" to locate a film video of a hilarious scene (馬昭慈 is in it also) Talking of those forgotten female side cast who had such sex appeal, how can I forget to mention 余美華. Her bosommy figure together with her unique seducing voice is hard to resist :-) I remember seeing her in a movie called 我愛紫羅蘭 (starring 文蘭, 呂奇) and she was most sexy in it

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  • 訪客:Peter      2010/7/29 10:57:11    

    Yes, 小宇. I have mixed up 黃杏華 with 王志恆 (btw,黃杏華 also hosted music request shows but the 國語時代曲 ones) Back to the topic of 倚天屠龍 (1963), it so happens someone has just brought up that children actor 梁家寶 (who acted as 張無忌 in child stage) into discussion. Didn't realize she's a side cast in John Wu's directed 帝女花 (1976) Now there are quite a few children actors I am interested to know their whereabout like 安偉漣 , 陳鴻影 (she's always coupled with the now famous 徐小明) They must be in their mid 50s now.

    回覆(2010/7/30 11:15:11)

    i never heard of the 3 child stars you mentioned. i do miss 小佩佩 with whom we made 2 movies together. wonder where she is now.

  • 訪客:亞偉      2010/7/29 10:32:41    


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  • 訪客:星屑醫生      2010/7/28 12:23:18    

    好開心!實在太太太多謝你對阿馬的支持!之所以會想在書裡刊你的文章,一來,是為叨你的光~ (別忘了我喜歡錢瑪莉十幾年哪),二來,也想藉此向你致敬,因為你在我們給建制反攻的時候挺身而出說話,就給了我們好大好大的鼓舞! 阿馬說一定要請你吃飯的,請你不要嫌棄,就讓我們交個現實裡的朋友!

    回覆(2010/7/30 11:04:42)

    sure. look forward to it.

  • 訪客:星屑醫生      2010/7/28 1:46:28    

    小宇先生, 一千句對不起!這兩星期我倆實在太忙... 阿馬草泥又要選行委... 看在我從小學開始就是錢瑪莉的fan,請你千萬不要生氣~ 就等我親自押阿馬草泥向小宇先生負荊請罪,到時若你想將他身上的紅色polo shirt 狠狠撕碎也是可以的!haha~

    回覆(2010/7/28 9:16:09)

    doc, please do not take my comment seriously. i was just kidding. the "them" i refer to is not you guys but the publisher who asked me for the right. to show my humble support, i will buy the book and not wait for complimentary copy. all the best from the silent supporters out there like me.

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