• 訪客:義      2010/8/10 23:14:50    

    The music selection is enlightening to music-blind like me - love them all - not to mention your prompt replies. Appreciate all the time and effort you've put on this site,您真是窩心的好.

    回覆(2010/8/11 9:11:39)

    if certain items in this site are "enlightening" to some people, no matter how few, like you, then it's all worth it

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/8/10 12:15:16    

    Tastes in music and movies could change with time. I thoroughly enjoyed Truffaut's Stolen Kisses and "Bed and Board" when I watched them in my teen days in the 60s. But re-watching them on Cable TV recently found them quite ordinary and even a bit of a drag at times. The one who could withstand the passing of time must be Hitchcock. Watching his B&W movies like "The Man who knew too much" , "Rear Window" ..etc in recent days still found them exciting. I remember I enjoyed 星期日如西貝兒 in the 60s. Haven't watched it since then. Don't what I'll feel if ever I could watch it again. But I recall the music was rather poignantly moody, which suits the movie. I watched INCEPTION last week. It's a bit over-rated. BTW, the actress who acted as Edith Piath in LA VIE EN ROSE played the small part as Decaprio's wife. I didn't recognise it was her.

    回覆(2010/8/11 9:08:02)

    quite embarrassed to admit i could not sit through 《Stolen Kisses》on DVD a while ago. I am sure 《Sunday and Cybelle)cannot stand the test of time. thank god for the time being, we have no way of knowing.

  • 訪客:義      2010/8/9 16:33:52    

    讀完《吃羅宋餐的日子》我想起在德國一處荒涼大地,看到的孤樹。然後看到你在香港書展講座的短片, 提到李湄時的落寞, 那些感觸…我想你可能會享受孤獨, 可你還是快樂的吧!

    回覆(2010/8/11 9:03:03)


  • 訪客:jo      2010/8/8 21:52:39    

    reading 陶傑's article in MP daily used to be a MUST to me ages ago. but one day i found myself "enough" to him all of a sudden and stopped reading any since then. lately i heard that ppl from the net had "honoured" him a new nickname -- "19才子" which i think it suits him a lot...!

    回覆(2010/8/11 9:01:27)

    i don't quite get it? what's the pun?

  • 訪客:jenny      2010/8/8 18:41:51    


    回覆(2010/8/11 8:59:35)


  • 訪客:孝文      2010/8/8 15:32:06    


    回覆(2010/8/8 17:33:45)

    the present generation is so fortunate. you have instant access to all the latest information. miss luk has agreed to let me post her article in this webpage which i will do tomorrow or the day after.

  • 訪客:Ingrid      2010/8/6 21:01:33    

    謝謝, 我80初才看號外, 人也幼稚... 這是最後的, 書看完了. Ciao! p. 421 déjà is one word. p.369 ceffee shop. p.404 Seatle.

    回覆(2010/8/8 17:40:17)


  • 訪客:Peter      2010/8/6 9:14:34    

    Siu Yu That Astrud gilberto sings Francis Lai MV is in YOUKU, 優酷 (not Youtube) Try it again.

    回覆(2010/8/8 17:42:23)

    thanks for a rare and beautiful selection. too bad it's only a recording and not miss gilberto herself performing

  • 訪客:Jenny      2010/8/5 22:17:10    


    回覆(2010/8/8 17:47:43)


  • 訪客:Peter      2010/8/5 15:36:52    

    It's good to see in your video sub-page the choice of that wonderful music from movie A Man and a Woman French romance shone through so elegantly from the mid 60s to early 70s until the soft porn like Emanuelle .. spoiled things. Even with the exotic and melodic music by the same Vietnamese composer Francis Lai couldn't save it (though the music was still above average) Francis Lai and his contemporary Michel Legrand (who could forget his Windmills of Your Mind and Summer of 42 and The Go Between ...) were very much influenced by Brazilain classical influneced jazz (aka soft Bossa Nova). Jobim and Gilberto always returned with tribute by doing French movie music (e.g. I will wait for you ... Call Me ... ) But last year I've found a vocal version of Francis Lai's jazzy music (which appeared in ferry scene of A Man and a Woman) by Astrud Gilberto. It is simply beautiful There's a MV on YOUKU. Type into search box of the youku video site the string "astrud gilberto francis lai" to listen to this heavenly song

    回覆(2010/8/5 22:44:24)

    i key in astrud gilberto francis lai in youtube and cannot find any clip of their collaboration. ray conniff's cover of "beyond the sea" is so beautifully and old fashionedly touching. it's in my song performace section.

  • 訪客:ingrid      2010/8/4 15:02:08    

    p.114 Galley's or Gallery's? p.133 Catstreet, one word? p.139 I am concerened (so obvious), p.147 Jim Croche? not Croce?

    回覆(2010/8/5 8:48:40)

    Galley's and Catstreet were way before your time. I vaguely remember Galley's was in 康樂大厦 which was remaned Jardine House and Catstreet of Hilton is always one word in my memory. it is really very nice of you to spend your time improving the text.

  • 訪客:ingrid ha      2010/8/4 7:19:27    

    p.17 西'頁'(貢)海鮮. p.30 Je t'aime Mor (moi) non plus. p.32 'flambouyan (flamboyant). :p

    回覆(2010/8/4 14:49:29)

    oops. i have only myself to blame as i was responsible to proof-read the english and in rare cases, french text of the book. do list more if you spot them and really appreciate your time and kind concern.

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