• 訪客:Grace Yu      2010/11/24 16:16:06    

    I cannot repeat what I wrote, it was to my standard nicely written, according to my character I seldom copy what's done and past, here I am feeling sad with the mistakes I did, mad in fact! Going to write a fresh piece with the original motive, if my cat would stop meowing soon... After reading your comment on ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW I bought the movie yesterday and had it companied me throughout lunch. Poverty seemed the main theme. Neibourhood relationships, colonial systems,the water shortage period, the deliberate reminder of low costs...all lead me way back to the 60's while I was doing exactly that...the typhoon scene was especially touching, even cried when the pretty brother died... My conclusion: It's a passive world, characters in the script and even us as audience who sits through the movie and be fed the message given. We do have rights in choosing what film to watch, which book to buy, there comes fans who loyally support whom they admire. I loved your critics, so sharp with no trace of mercy what so ever! Only Siu Yu can do this! I hope John Sham won't see this, do respect him a lot and the production was no doubt well done, here is to shine your shoes again...your book "Hack Law Sung Chaun Dic Yud Gee" provides much more of the old time memories than this movie, 100 times more! Wish the book be spotted by some film producers and put on the screen!

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  • 訪客:Grace Yu      2010/11/24 14:57:45    

    Ahhhhhh! Just wrote a long message and did not click the confirm button, it's gone! Have to memorize it and write again....>x<

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  • 訪客:Grace Yu      2010/11/23 20:33:14    

    I forwarded the interview piece to Birdy and he said thanks! <3

    回覆(2010/11/23 20:58:25)

    Birdy (Patrick Lam) can revisit himself as young designer together with Vivienne Tam and my much beloved Jumbo Lau... in 《1979 HK Young Designers》 posted on page 4 of 圖片收藏分享 in 影視空間頁。

  • 訪客:Grace Yu      2010/11/23 19:37:23    

    Dear Siu Yu, I've been visiting your web constantly since yesterday(was my first time), I'm addicted, hooked! It's so wonderful to know that we have almost the exact opinions on many things and in your columns they well cover most deeds in life, it's like a concentrated book of a lifetime experience, how incredible this is>>>to have someone like you in the world! Keep up with your great work!

    回覆(2010/11/23 20:00:35)

    as usual you are very generous to your friends. still i am grateful for your generosity.

  • 訪客:Grace Yu      2010/11/23 13:24:06    

    This is the most delicious website! Feeding readers tremendously satisfied! Won't gain any weight consuming but would surely gain insights, Bravo!

    回覆(2010/11/23 16:55:29)

    dear grace, we only get acquainted in the last few years but reading this interivew of you done 23 years ago (just posted in other writers' series) i come to appreciate you more, not just a fashion icon but as a person. you are among the very few people i know who care to leasve a message here, ever. you make my day.

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/21 13:13:41    

    have fun in your endeavours, siuyu san

    回覆(2010/11/23 16:48:09)

    sorry again for accidentally deleting your info on wagner opera seen in cyberspace. you are indeed king of niche. i am sure we will be treated with other goodies soon.

  • 訪客:yy      2010/11/20 21:09:21    

    真懷念 <故園風雪後> 啊!!!

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  • 訪客:G      2010/11/20 11:25:10    


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  • 訪客:G      2010/11/19 0:42:02    

    正在讀皇冠最近重編的三毛文選,之前沒有認真讀過,或許現時心態是比較適合吧,讀起來甚有感覺,證明有些文字是經得起時日的。萬分期待《蒙妮坦日記》的重現,感激小宇先生的心思,讓讀者們能一睹/重溫其風采。 說起來,不少人說過《穿Kenzo的女人》像極了後來的《Sex and The City》,不知小宇先生有否看過?我是SATC電視版的擁躉(即是每集重看了起碼兩次),所以看《穿Kenzo的女人》時也會不自覺把主角們對號入座。有說SATC是童話故事,那有女人天天遇到有型有錢的男人的?但這正是觀眾最喜愛看的。相對來說,看《穿Kenzo的女人》時覺得比較反映現實,文字間亦較多流露挫折感,所以讀完反而覺得兩者其實也不是太像。 扯遠了,最後想說一件無聊的事。原來我一直把Kenzo讀錯了,直至最近跟朋友偶爾提起才知道,回家立即上網查讀音,不過仍然不是太有信心呢,哈哈。

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  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/18 1:16:26    

    Still on good film music in local movies. I didn't expect 喜多郎 could write such touching music as in the 羅啓銳/張婉婷 grand production 宋家皇朝 (btw, the cast for the 3 Soong sisters , i.e. 鄔君梅, 張曼玉, 楊紫瓊 is just too good to be true :-) For instance, the scene when the 3 sisters gathered for the last time, to play a piece of music together(which they used to play when they were kids) , Wu and Cheung on piano and Yeung on violin, is simply hauntingly beautiful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbNcDlSPXf0

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  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/18 0:55:23    

    > quite boring to see the whole flick from beginnig to end. > youtube comes in handy. we can watch all the 精華 .... Sure. Most old cantonese films are quite dated (as far as story and plot is concerned) But one good thing about them is that by watching them, we saw what the local streets and countryside look like. Every now and then, the background music used were also quite good. I will show some of those later. But here's one that 黃百鳴 has chosen well in one of his movies in the 90s, called 大富之家: April Comes she will (S & G) was once used as background music in this blog of yours too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRRctS6XQVM The music of Simon & Garfunkel was so influential in my music listening life. They have broken out from the PP& M folk mode and injected such life (music wise and lyrics wise , e.g. who could write about an architect called Frank Llouyd Wright) into the contemporary folk music ...

    回覆(2010/11/21 11:16:06)

    ...when i run dry i stop a while to think of you. forever thankful to the songs lilke《so long frank lloyd wright》which helped me go through those lonely, monotonous days in college in usa.

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/17 11:42:45    

    i think so, that's eileen chang's idea, though the exact wording may be different, you'll have to check the book

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