• 訪客:Peter      2010/10/27 18:24:44    

    Thanks Siu Yu for your compliments on that two ferry ride videos I've made That one with the McCarthur Park excerpt (oh, I could never make those Cs right, sometimes it is 1C with/without the A, sometimes 2 Cs ...) , I never expect the effect is like a James Bond film mood. But Jimmy Webb is a genius, when he wrote the song he was not yet 20. Ah, I've just noticed you have a new selection of the Jukebox choices, many of them are again wonderful stuff. For example the Sheryl Crow version of Begin the Begunine is unexpected. (it's bossa nova) Now there's a superb version (disco , haha) by Johnny Mathis www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=8Arerf5k7UQ

    回覆(2010/10/28 7:45:15)

    the "new" selections are actually the 20 songs i first posted in the jukebox a year ago when this site was launched. so are the 5 opening songs on the mainpage. this is the first time i hear Johnny mathis' disco cover of 《Begin the Beguine》. i don't think it was a "monster hit" in the 80's as claimed by the guy who posted it on youtube.

  • 訪客:jude      2010/10/27 18:11:56    

    我來自台北, 差不多一年來作為貴站隱蔽讀者, 竟然也給露了餡。 是這樣的, 我這裡可以收看你介紹的 “優酷” 和其他大陸網站連接大部份的視頻, 只是某些敏感日子時候會有連接不上的情況, 視頻只需緩衝一下再播放還算順暢。 youtube 的連接完全沒有問題。 你的文字讓我更加豐富了我對兩岸三地體制, 生活, 思維和歷史背景所產生分別的認識, 香港真的是一個奇跡, 而且很精彩。

    回覆(2010/10/28 7:28:46)


  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/27 11:22:33    

    last sunday i was wandering in apleichau near south horizons; i saw many folks enter the prada outlet shop, some hk men & women left the shop with bags of prada stuff; just wondering who's writing MEN WOMEN WEARING PRADA 2010 [most probably with some more erotic content, as hk folks have already gone thru sex and the city & ang lee's lust caution]

    回覆(2010/10/28 7:47:28)

    it is a good idea to shop prada at outlet store as its style is basic and supposed to be 永恆 and 可以著一世!?

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/27 11:17:36    


    回覆(2010/10/27 11:17:36)

  • 訪客:Surina      2010/10/26 21:18:21    

    Congratulations and best wishes! It was a special year for me that I was led back to the times and places in Hong Kong that I have not accessed in my mind for a Long time, thru ur delightful writing. I realise that I do miss HK of the 70's,it was not So crowded and not so gaudy! The beatles' song comes to mind: there are places I'll remember all my life.(I'm not sure if that's the title.) I live in a small country in S.America and don't know that much about music and movies,but I still enjoy that feeling of connection on ur website.even as a silent visitor often times.Thanks,Xiao Yu!

    回覆(2010/10/27 10:33:41)

    i think that beatles' song is called 《In My Life》. you do live so far away but thanks to internet we are now all connected. we have really reached the age of true "global village"! 還有,有些點擊這網站的IP address是來台灣,我忽然醒起台灣知能否接收到我放在优酷网的影音?抱歉我先前沒有考慮到這一點,如果能上到,台灣確是很可愛。

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/10/26 11:27:14    

    chinese-american yiyun li 李翊云 2010 macarthur fellow

    回覆(2010/10/26 11:27:14)

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/10/26 11:13:41    

    北川薰 kitamura kaoru shuji terayama 寺山修司 [remember his erotic-porno movie 上海異人娼館] ha jin 哈金 lin yutang林語堂 miss yiyun li's chinese name is unknown to me, sorry :) [i'm idiot when it comes to chinese word computer input]

    回覆(2010/10/26 15:44:46)

    you did it for the first time. hurray!

  • 訪客:Vivian      2010/10/26 0:07:56    

    小宇, Happy Anniversary! May you have many many more. Lots of love, V

    回覆(2010/10/26 16:57:49)

    thanks vivian. surprised that you left this message at 7:56am! you woke up that early or you still have not gone to bed?

  • 訪客:在外的香港人      2010/10/25 12:39:20    

    A belated Happy Anniversary. (One of many silent side-line readers/listeners.)

    回覆(2010/10/25 20:26:41)

    knowing people like you exist out there somewhere makes me feel less like orphan. thanks for the reassurance

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/25 10:19:16    

    as reported in scmp-- miss yiyun li, b. 1972 beijing, moved to USA, now noted writer in USA, recipient of MacArthur GENIUS award [grant of US$500000] new book of stories GOLD BOY, EMERALD GIRL, giving her dark worldview of USA [maybe comparable to miss wong bikwan of hk writing the dark feminine psyche] another example of mainland chinese talent blossoming in the jianghu of american english writing just like lin yutang, ha jin etc [miss eileen chang was unfortunate in this regard] so, frustrated unhappy hk writers should switch to english writing instead of complaining complaining vs hk society/govt bureaucracy; hksar will remain as COMMERCIAL TOWN like lowu

    回覆(2010/10/25 20:19:55)

    for easy refernce, i am sure many readers would like you to write the names of the chinese/japanese people you mention in 漢字. hope you can manage keying chinese words or use writing pad like me.

  • 訪客:ophelia      2010/10/24 23:21:41    

    Hi, Hi, A bit late... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your website. I think a artistic person are always sensibility. That is a real of you. Thanks for all your sharing. And this one year also mean so much to me. I'm sure there are many people agree with me. Please keep writing. It is a kind of food for our soul. By the way, wish you a warm & wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....on coming end of the month.

    回覆(2010/10/25 10:09:50)

    so very gald to know you are still on board. your encouraging words gave me the much needed moral support during the infant stage of this site. i will never forget your kind gesture.

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/24 10:53:52    

    new movie HOWL, starring james franco [spiderman, harvey milk movie] the life of poet allen ginsberg who died in april 1997

    回覆(2010/10/25 10:05:37)

    thanks for the updates. i think many readers will benefit from these various info.

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