• 訪客:Peter      2011/1/1 0:01:31    

    Ha, it just turns 0:0 in 2011 So here's one of my fav. new year song, "A perfect year" by Dina Caroll (written by Andrew Lloyd Webber) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdgza_h7vaw for everyone reading this.

    回覆(2011/1/2 12:00:42)

    appreciate very much you took the trouble to liven up this site on 2011 on the dot. thanks for sharing so many interesting and rare songs with us in the past few months. i look forward to listen to more music from you that i am not familiar with or overlooked in the past.

  • 訪客:在外的香港人      2010/12/31 20:03:14    

    Dear Mr. Deng, Re: Rich Kids > btw, the rich kids article i recall is quite flattering to this lucky bunch. how come your > girlfriend got upset? is she you wife now? if not, does she end up a happy person? My interpreted the flattery as sarcasm. She was indeed a rich kid and I wasn't; one of the reasons why things didn't work out for us. We moved in different circles then, and now. According to hearsay, she is happily married, kids and all the frills. Happy 2011.

    回覆(2010/12/31 22:09:56)

    people meet and part. that's how life goes. taking this opportunity, i wish everyone happy new year.

  • 訪客:在外的香港人      2010/12/29 8:01:39    

    Thank you Mr. Deng, for making "Rich Kids" (陳冠中, 1988年6月 號外) available here. I recall reading that in 'real-time' and teased my rich girlfriend with it. She wasn't amused. Thanks again for the blast-from-the-past. May 2011 be better yet.

    回覆(2010/12/29 10:33:25)

    it is amzaing that some selections might have a special meaning to a special someone. thank you for your message which re-assures me what i am doing here at times is not in vain. btw, the rich kids article i recall is quite flattering to this lucky bunch. how come your girlfriend got upset? is she you wife now? if not, does she end up a happy person?

  • 訪客:jenny      2010/12/28 17:00:02    

    仔细地阅完甚为感兴趣的那篇《生命﹐或選擇的拼湊 》。据说,在四大发明之后的古代,已有智慧和通晓天文地理爱好研究万物的人有能力一步一步去制作“科技类”的产品,但他们没有这样做,古德非常注重纲常伦理,认为不可违背自然规律,没有把“科学”发展下去以免被恶意利用祸害子孙。后来的科学,在注重国力和经济的环境下被大力发展了起来,是相互竞争和谋利的产物,人类虽然从中获得了不少便利,而人的贪欲,私心加诸其中,科学的负面衍生问题也接踵而来,大量的杀人武器被制造,环境问题也令人忧心,人类能不能活到21世纪末都还是个值得讨论的问题。英国历史学家汤恩比说21世纪是绝对的危机时代,而这个危机是人类本身带来的,人心的感应招致的。人心对物欲的膨胀需求源自攀比,而这攀比又和日新月异的科学技术产物分不开,想要达到随心所欲唯我独尊的程度,人本来就有生育人的功能,克隆人当然也源自内心对自我的自私执着。克隆人绝对是违背了自然规律,违背了宇宙规律,许多大德认为,到了这一天,人类也就要灭绝了。非自然原因出生的生命贴上的标签,这个标签代表了父母的私心,自利,其实所有的人正承受着的灾难都和另一个人的私心或是自己的私心有关。身边有朋友说,女人作为富翁的第三者应该生下一男半女来分对方的家产来弥补付出的青春,我一听觉得多么可怕,这些儿女为了获取金钱而出生,本身的生命就注定是个悲剧,母亲一时的利欲昏心将造就孩子一生多么巨大的伤害,这样的起心动念实在狠毒而不自知。有人说孔老夫子迂腐,但正是那样的传统美德才能挽救现在这个越来越千疮百孔的地球,己所不欲勿施于人,也就没有那么多被遗弃的一生下来就受苦的生命,世界也能更和平,没有灾难。小宇说的领养小孩的观点,实在是种大爱,以人之子为己之子,内心要何其善美才有这样的境界,不是恭维地完全发自内心地和说一句,若大部分人有小宇这样的心肠,世界也再不会有疆土与资源之争,国界间何其安宁稳定,制造杀人武器的钱又可以用来挽救多少生命,用善意去对待科学,不以牺牲任何人为代价,也就没有选择的痛苦了。人之初,性本善,每颗心都可以被教育和感化的。而现时的媒体,电视,电影,网络,充斥了许多暴力,争夺,邪淫,欺瞒,盗骗,无形中鼓励攀比虚荣,人具有很强的模仿能力,以此作为借鉴社会问题就很多了。如果媒体能真心地大力宣扬真善美,以种种事迹感化世人除躁归真,一切从简,用中华传统美德挽救道德沦丧的社会,并真的出现许多带头的身体力行的榜样,人间再没有地狱。

    回覆(2010/12/29 10:25:08)


  • 訪客:fong      2010/12/27 20:29:31    

    原來那套電影叫 pepe﹐ 日子有功﹐ 記憶有時真的會模糊起來。謝謝鄧小宇和這裡的幾位朋友﹐ 你們提供的連接豐富了我的回憶﹐ 也是我這個聖誕最有價值的禮物﹐ 祝大家新年快樂﹐ 享受新生活的同時回味過往的情懷﹐ 生活得更精彩。

    回覆(2010/12/29 10:19:09)


  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/26 0:39:31    

    > Bang Bang was a big hit for Cher. I don't think Nancy Sinatra ever covered it. Yes, Cher's version was chart hit for her in the US. It brings back memories of listening to Bob Williams, a DJ in Commercial Radio playing it one saturday morning (around 1964) and I was stunned by the sadness of the song. Nancy Sinatra also has a version and that 鬼才導演 泰倫天奴 put it in his movie Kill Bill a few years ago (Ah, our 劉家輝 is the leading actor in this movie) Nancy's version is equally good (her singing is always wonderful, and who could forget her duet with dad Frank in Something Stupid) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaVNfZWBVhQ

    回覆(2010/12/29 10:15:41)

    a lesson to learn: never say never on matters one cannot be absolutely sure. sorry to overlook you, ms. sinatra.

  • 訪客:jo      2010/12/25 23:46:11    

    merry christmas to everyone - and treasure everything and every moments when we can still eat, sleep, love.

    回覆(2010/12/29 10:13:49)

    also look forward to a healthy 2011 for everyone!

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/12/25 23:44:15    

    if you key in "pepe continflas" on youtube, you find many clips from this movie. so you at long last get to see the film yourself. the main theme music is exactly how i remember it after all these years. amazing!

    回覆(2010/12/25 23:44:15)

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/12/25 23:37:25    

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0054172 sorry mr fong, i mis-typed the webpage address in my reply to you. the one here is correct.

    回覆(2010/12/25 23:37:25)

  • 訪客:fong      2010/12/25 20:13:53    

    差點連我也忘記了那匹會說話的 mr. ed 了﹐ 我又想起一套電影 “比比”﹐ 英文該叫 “bang bang” 吧。那時候我七歲﹐ 哥哥姐姐去排隊買票 (這電影那時候可算是宣傳紅火了)﹐ 但是沒有買我的﹐ 因為怕我看不懂浪費了﹐ 我鬧情緒的被送回家。不過他們回來時給我買了一個電影紀念品 --- 那個黑人小孩的膠娃娃。還有人記得這個電影嗎? 那時候流行過的電影插曲 “bang bang my baby shot me down” 最近好像在另外一套電影裡面由 “nancy sinatra” 翻唱了。

    回覆(2010/12/25 23:26:58)

    電影"比比"的原名是"Pepe",可上此網看有關這部電影的介紹: http://www.imbd.com/title/tt0054172/ 。你收到的「黑人小孩」應該是主角墨西哥藉的Continflas (康丁發拉斯)的造像,他在"80日環遊世界"演大衛尼雲的助手一炮成名,想不到你會記得此片,講起來我也很想重看呢,不知youtube有沒有片段?Bang Bang was a big hit for Cher. I don't think Nancy Sinatra ever covered it.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/12/25 17:50:52    

    希望能讀到 小宇在明報寫的那篇 懷念以前聖誕的文章. For me, my fondest memory of Christmas in the 60s: 1. 除夕晚 香港電台 中英文台 聯播, 約 11點, 直播 Operation Santa Claus 的籌款, 有 高層 歐陽義德 , Uncle Ray 等 在皇后碼頭, 等到善款 到某數目 就 一齊跳落海 :-) 而這也是一歐西流行曲 點唱節目. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. In those days, it was very cold in Christmas time and jumping into the Victoria harbour was something really brave. 2. 到紅堪行工展會, 那時會塲街道很寬, 好好行. 很渴望能買支 士的糖. 另外 "扎體" 也很好吃. 3. Xmas Eve 學校有 表現晚會, 除了 有話劇, 還有 本校自已的 pop band The SignPost, 及 folk group Paul & Francis 表現 .... These are the bits and pieces of my school days memories ....

    回覆(2010/12/25 18:57:54)

    明報那篇聖誕文章已上載在私人感覺欄。operation santa claus was a very exciting event with english and chinese channel DJ joiont together (uncle ray co-hosting with 許綺蓮 etc). also i missed the 工展會現場點唱節目 among other things that happened in 紅磡填海區 which was where the train station is located now.

  • 訪客:redstockings      2010/12/24 11:56:17    

    talking horse mr ed santa claus serving dimsum to u reindeer singing cantonese karaoke confetti madness all over the city

    回覆(2010/12/24 18:26:40)

    a present day christmas poem! did you post comments here before under other name(s)?

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