• 訪客:Peter      2011/1/21 21:40:35    

    There have been quite a few deaths after the turn of the year: Susannah York (English actress who was famous for her movie THEY SHOOT HORSES, DONT THEY) Gerry Rafferty (English singer/songwriter who had a big hit called BAKER STREET in 1977) 曾啟榮 (son is 志偉) , the football manager of 警察足球隊 in the 60s (remember their footballer 窩利士 & 麥拉倫 的 雙鬼拍門 tactic :-) ...) No matter what, we should live as if today is the last day of our life. Here's a gem by Glen Campbell called TODAY IS MINE. Listen specially to its lyrics It's so meaningful and the melody plus the singing are wonderful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHiJM7wJC4I

    回覆(2011/1/22 12:26:29)

    do not know rafferty also passed away! thanks for posting the glen campbell rarity.

  • 訪客:小愛      2011/1/21 16:29:21    

    才開始瞭解號外。 鄧老師可否有70年代陳百強做號外cover的照片(不是86年的那張)?以前的號外封面好難找,這個網站看到很多關於香港過去的東西,很有意思。

    回覆(2011/1/21 18:48:05)


  • 訪客:JK      2011/1/20 20:32:37    

    我也是一個簡單又平凡的人,喜歡你的缺點和弱點,希望有生之年與你一起改進。永遠支持你!! JK

    回覆(2011/1/21 18:51:23)


  • 訪客:me me      2011/1/20 12:39:27    

    ah yes i do love hk in a mild subtle way, esp when i enjoy slow walks at repulsebay/deepwaterbay on a wintry noon under some sunlight, looking out for eagles in the pale blue sky...that hk society has become pretty complicated & difficult to grasp sometimes puzzles me though...not to mention occasional shocks as reported by the media, which i do trust approx 64%

    回覆(2011/1/21 18:53:08)

    wow what a romantic person you are! i love your "64% trust"!

  • 訪客:朱亦生      2011/1/18 15:15:03    


    回覆(2011/1/21 18:57:34)


  • 訪客:JENNY      2011/1/17 14:05:13    

    就算还没开始看蒙妮坦日記,博客版面的图片已经勾引起我所有荡漾的多情的温柔的细腻的少女情怀(请不要笑话,这是我很真实的感受),这张图选得真好,仿佛它已代表了女主人公的浪漫世界。 我喜欢作者的这句: 我總認為世界會變,但情懷永恆 开始进入,蒙妮坦日記……

    回覆(2011/1/21 18:59:19)


  • 訪客:surina      2011/1/17 9:49:33    

    I really like how u crystallize into clear thoughts what I often have at the back of my mind. The connection I often felt with ur writing, now I realize,is actually being touched by ur perception,ur insight,feeling or an outstanding picture! U said that u read to enrich ur life's experiences,and I think that's how some of ur readers,(I'm one of them),feel enriched by ur experiences,so interestingly and wittily expressed.Two pictures that I saw on ur website last nite stay on my mind, one is the old shopping mall with the very high ceiling and the organ on the 2nd floor, and the other the vast minimalist stage with the actors in perfect color and spatial relationships. Both are beautiful yet completely different,may be no connection at all except that they do convey a sense of beauty. I do find ur perception of beauty and human-ness touching!

    回覆(2011/1/17 12:45:34)

    Surina you make my day. sometimes i feel even happier to know readers enjoy the photos, the video clips and the songs i select more than my prose. also i am so pleased that you can accomodate diffenet styles. indeed there are so many things in life beautiful and meaningful in such diversified ways that are too good to be missed. are you reading 蒙妮坦日記 that i post recently?

  • 訪客:小宇      2011/1/16 22:33:28    


    回覆(2011/1/16 22:33:28)

  • 訪客:我我      2011/1/16 10:38:39    

    最近香港傳媒很愛用 [愛香港] 做口号/headline, 女律師作家daisywong有一部文集副題是[我與hk的愛情], 她的文筆也是 [寸], bithcy 一脈, 與小宇有得fight, 佢legal background呈現今天中環專業一族的面貌, 少了小宇文化一族的nostalgia, 另外一種癮頭是也o 什么叫 lovehk? i don't quite know. but i'm quite sure both xiaoyu & daisywong love themselves enough to write fun stuff...so many folks have forgotten LOVE OF SELF.

    回覆(2011/1/16 22:28:08)


  • 訪客:jenny      2011/1/15 19:28:00    


    回覆(2011/1/16 22:24:45)


  • 訪客:JENNY      2011/1/15 18:54:34    

    "我記得我二十歲生日那天心情很頹喪,覺得告別teenage,自己已很老了" 深深同感.但也许时间是很奇妙的东西,24岁的时候,我又重新觉得正是开始人生的时候.但这时候的"开始",似乎和年轻没有关系.只和终点有关系. 只要做的事情不算颓废,能够让很多人分享其中,让自己充实并觉得有意义,不服老,七老八十还是很年轻的.小宇同意吗?

    回覆(2011/1/16 22:23:02)


  • 訪客:JK      2011/1/15 1:47:59    

    喜歡您的事~情. 人生品味,品味人生. 你很勇敢,令我敬佩! !

    回覆(2011/1/16 22:19:50)


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