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    so glad you saw it. it was entertaining and innovative. 陸離 told me her other one-woman show about cats is even better. i will watch out for its re-run. hope there will be.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/11 11:39:40    

    Siu Yu said >> ... 24 hours from tulsa ... Yes, I noticed this Bacharach pop song in your Jukebox link. But I never like the singer Gene Pitney and also I'd prefer Bacharach's more jazzy (and classical music flavored) styles. Regarding that "blogger duriandave", he's my friend. He's in San Francisco . His name is David Wells. I came to know him when I saw his english web site for Sister Pearl :-) He's a huge fan of Connie Chan http://www.moviefanprincess.com I joined the forum in that web site (though I am not truly a Connie's fan) for curiosity. After that he came to HK for a few times and we met to have some gathering (with some connie's online fans) For instance, he came to HK to watch Connie's chinese opera performance early this year (again, as I mentioned, he knew not a single word of chinese and he said he enjoyed the show. It's amazing) Read his cheeky remarks on a recent Connie Chan's film clip I posted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmd0OUDiLno That clip was posted when the young girl playing guitar in that scene got hold of me recently and asked to watch that scene again. She's also in San Francisco now. Read her comments in that Youtube clip for details

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  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/11 11:02:44    

    as provided by PETER earlier google softfilm blogspot blogger duriandave is as EXPERT as siuyu san

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  • 訪客:cybervampire      2010/11/11 9:31:03    

    waiting for renaissance of cinema italiano cappucino perhaps for fans of eternal pasolini the novel PETROLIO [warning-for adults only. explicit homoerotic content]

    回覆(2010/11/11 10:18:01)

    there is no way you can be anyone else by mr c.

  • 訪客:Anna      2010/11/10 15:32:04    

    What do u think of 錢瑪莉? 你太識女人心。 I just think that I'm getting close to her life, but I know I just don't like this kind of life. And I'm thinking twice about my life attitude.

    回覆(2010/11/11 10:16:41)

    i can never lead her kind of life. all i can do is to wrtie about it. you are right, you should seek more 精神生活 while you are still young.

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/10 11:16:36    

    玉女林鳳吸煙照是由blogger duriandave貼上的- 真有味道! duriandave also follows other bloggers one of whom is malaysia-based小宇-电影的理想年代 LOTS OF OLD PICS LA DOUBLE VIE DE 小宇 IN CYBERSPACE!

    回覆(2010/11/11 10:14:02)

    i remember someone told me about this guy. do you have his website address? or his name in cyberspace so that i can google him?

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/10 11:06:31    

    i think some folks in big apple are organizing celebratory activities for jean genet's 100th birthday

    回覆(2010/11/11 10:12:41)

    我至今仍不明白怎麽黎海寧在中學會愛讀Jean Genet的作品,特別是The Thief's Journal,記得她是因為看到Sartre的推崇(St. Genet)而找來讀的,原來當年在香港也可以買到這麼冷門的書,我們早應該向Swindon 致敬。

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/10 4:39:49    

    > i lift the ban so that from now on you can post your favourite website ... Thanks so much for lifting the ban. I understand the nuisance and frustration when one's blog was attacked by those 損人不利己 people (just don't understand what they did it for) ... Ha, and so I hope you don't mind me posting lots of goodies from now on For instance, my fav. cantonese filmstar Lam Fung has a rarity photo posted on this "chinese old movie" site (you won't believe it, the owner is a 43 year old American who doesn't speak and listen a single word of chinese) http://softfilm.blogspot.com/2010/10/jade-girl-smokes-cigarette.html The photo was taken from "Southern Screen" (No. 10, November 1958) By the way, I always find the Lam Fung in her early years not as pretty as she was in the 60s. Not sure if she ever did some facelift. But if it were really so, then the "doctor" who did it is just marvellous :-) +-------------- -----My Profile ------ ---------+ | Location: HK | | Age: 56 | | My music/movie clips | | http://myblog.yahoo.com.hk/webbburt777 | | http://www.youtube.com/webb60s | | http://www.youtube.com/webbinthe60s | | http://www.youtube.com/maybeperhaps777 | +-----------------------------------------------+

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    that guy is amazing! there is no way he does not know chinese text! also a treasure box to locate forgotten hollywood asian stars. apart from there's always something there..., the jukebox has another bacharach earlier work 《24 hours from tulsa》. can you recognize that typical bacharah beat? and 《take good care of my baby》is by another favourite song writing team of mine - carole king and gerry goffin.

  • 訪客:Anna      2010/11/9 21:30:16    

    UST stands for university of science and technology the book just has your signature! it's magic

    回覆(2010/11/9 21:33:45)

    the one in clear water bay? what a beautiful campus! wow, enjoy your years there.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/9 20:52:12    

    Siu Yu Have went through your "My Jukebox" page again. What a great selection ? I just have too much to say about those songs/music. For instance, Shy Girl by The Cascades is a simple pop song with such good harmony (the early to mid 60s were the best years for harmony) This song reminds me of another harmony group from the US ,which also didn't have a lot of hits songs. They are The Critters. Their best one is My. Dyeingly Sad which Sam Hui and the Lotus sung a lot in their Star Show www dot youtube com/watch?v=BB-WIamLS-s You chose Dionne's version of Bacharach's much sung song "Always something there to remind me" I was addicted to Bacharach/Warwick collaboration starting from 1967 and later got all their albums in this era. Now there's an album track in Dionne's album called Wanting Things which was really touching and beautiful. But surprsingly Astrud Gilberto's version was just as good (with her child like voice) www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=UCwZACKh8w8 So much for now

    回覆(2010/11/9 21:31:56)

    there was once this website was bombarded by trash mail and ads. so we banned all web address here. that is why you have to put "dot" etc. now mainly for you, i lift the ban so that from now on you can post your favourite website addresses for all of is to enjoy. meanwhile i hope there won't be another round of trash mail attack. as for there's always something there...i prefer dionne's version over sandy shaw. i enjoy very much her 大声哎!

  • 訪客:Anna      2010/11/9 15:56:31    

    在UST念紧书 好奇妙的 拿起 穿kenzo的女人 就放不下了 那么久之前的书 却觉得 还是和今天的生活没差 如果没有到香港 应该就不会了解香港这么多 读这本书的时候 就没有这么多共鸣了吧 这是不是也是一种缘分呢

    回覆(2010/11/9 20:42:04)

    UST? university of southern texas? if you are so far away from big chinese(hong kong)communities, how did you get hold of 穿kenzo的女人? you read from e-books in ipad? anyway glad to know people at student age also enjoy the book. at least a few of them, like you, do.

  • 訪客:cmmmmm      2010/11/9 11:12:09    

    oh i don't recall having seen jill C. in la luna movie, maybe when i saw this movie [did i really?] i didn't know her name....there could be one/many reasons why she got the role from bertolucci, maybe it's the SEX, maybe it's the money, well, dirty or clean, who can tell& who's to judge....ONLY THE ACTRESS & THE DIRECTOR &MAYBE THE PRODUCER KNEW 小宇先生應該知道在特別離奇詭異行政區什么和什么都可以有關联,什么和什么都可以無關, 問蒼茫大地誰主沉浮 and, for old queer and not-so-queer hk fans of jean genet & fassbinder movie QUERELLE check out the celebratory activities in newyork if you happen to find yourself in BIG APPLE

    回覆(2010/11/9 20:36:25)

    mr info, you mean Querelle THE MUSICAL is on broadway?!

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