• 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/23 16:27:35    

    actually a japanese translation of aline et valcour already exists, if i recall correctly a certain % of hk folks continues to dream TRUE DEMOCRACY, which is a good thing, the red chamber dream continues; for gays lesbians bisexuals the dream is purple/rainbow the works of jap kitamura kaoru seem interesting...can humans travel back time??

    回覆(2010/10/25 10:03:41)

    japan translates practically everything. what a nation! scary but indeed so admirable!

  • 訪客:sandy      2010/10/23 12:31:54    


    回覆(2010/10/25 10:01:29)


  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/23 10:31:59    

    OH I WATCHED THE DVD OF PETER WEISS MARAT/SADE PRODUCTION; i actually studied the play in european drama class in my undergrad yrs; several yrs ago there's a sade theatre programme in the hk arts festival which i failed to attend; I'VE WATCHED nearly all sade movies on dvds; and my interest in life & oeuvres de sade is comparable to my interest in shakespeare; both these guys are very much our contemporary, provided you're interested in western cultural stuff now, being old, no longer naive or silly, all the books plays movies music cannot CHANGE the existing political-economic-social structures [one movie by japanese S.terayama is entitled THROW AWAY ALL BOOKS] hk population increasing toward 8 million, chinese population toward 1.4 billion, world pop. toward 6.7 billion HKSAR IS DESTINED TO BECOME AN EXTENSION OF SHENZHEN/ ANOTHER MACAU, IMHO; but of course shanghai's financial hub dream is still to be realised, given the legal-judicial regime of mainland china remains to be reformed and improved to meet international standards HAVE FUN AT HOME THEN on this very crowded planet!

    回覆(2010/10/23 10:31:59)

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/10/22 20:05:38    

    Siu Yu Last friday, Chip Tsao invited Edward Lam 林奕華 to his radio programme. Again, Tsao bombarded Lam with a lot of names of the 70s TVs (but of course he was not that accurate) incl. Kam's 少年十五二十時. Lam said something about the music used in this youth drama as written by Francis Lai. I recently heard on the Internet a piece of music by Lai which is quite familiar as it was used in 2 French movies before, namely Jours en France and Le Courage D'aimer This version has the accordian (typical of the French music) as the key instrument: http://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=02iERUPAnDA But Siu Yu, could you spot for me whether the latter half is harmonica or not (i know you have a sharp ear :-)

    回覆(2010/10/23 9:55:40)

    lovely video of our harbour and lai's music so continental. i think it is accordian playing all the way. also your cheung chau ferry ride in youtube is fun like a james bond movie by using that particular excerpt from McArthur Park (please note the spelling). the rebecca pan 痴痴地等 (i will wait for you) video is well edited with precious image of hk from the days long gone. even though i never quite like her voice, i do admiring her passion for music.

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/22 11:55:57    

    acc to internet news USA govt is funding translation of aline et valcour, a philosophical epistolary novel of marquis de sade USA govt is not yet totally bankrupt, after all

    回覆(2010/10/23 9:49:16)

    you seem to be quite fascinated by de sade. have you watched the movie version and the stage production of marat/sade (the persectution and assasination of jean-paul marat as performed by the ........under the direction of the marquis de sade)?

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/22 11:38:44    

    MR YAM APPEARED ON TV LAST NIGHT AS GUEST, EXPRESSING HIS INTENT TO RESIGN FROM HIS PRESENT POSITION in near future CASUALLY READING REREADINIG SOME TANG POETS; just wondering which tang poet resurrected/reincarnated is now working at senior level in cultural bureau of beijing central govt

    回覆(2010/10/22 11:38:44)

  • 訪客:cmmmm      2010/10/22 10:21:39    

    i was a real fan of haruki murakami san in pre97 hk. LISTENING TO THE SONG OF WINDS, NORWEGIAN WOOD, DANCEDANCEDANCE, SEARCHING FOR THE GOAT, the end of the world & hardboiled wonderland etc kafka on the shore doesn't touch me much though; too longwinded, i think and i'm not sure whether i'll enjoy reading mr hanhan HAVE FUN IN THE WINDS

    回覆(2010/10/22 10:43:35)

    1Q84 is even more winding. nevertheless it is fun to read. once you start, as the cliche goes: you cannot put the damn book down.

  • 訪客:jo      2010/10/21 23:37:50    

    happy belated 1st Anniversary...! thanks a bunch for your efforts on this website.

    回覆(2010/10/22 10:40:47)

    and thanks for leaving interesting comments every now and then. have you seen 任亮憲 laately? it's really really tough in politics. making noise in city forum is only entry level. he has a long way to go. god bless him.

  • 訪客:G      2010/10/21 21:53:22    

    這麼巧,我也正在看《1988》,還是比較喜歡他雜文裏的不羈、警世和幽默,小說中最喜歡《長安亂》。 讀了那篇談及近期話劇的文章,原來我們所選擇的東西是如此不同,今年夏天我看了《魔鬼契約》(為了……萬梓良)、《孔雀男與榴槤女》和《豆泥戰爭》,特別喜歡《豆泥戰爭》的精警對白。說起來,要感激互聯網的神奇,沒有它,我們應該在「物理上」是無法相遇相識的,但現在卻可以如此溝通,咦,難道這是「2Q10」的世界﹖o.O

    回覆(2010/10/22 10:35:14)


  • 訪客:Janice      2010/10/21 20:52:23    

    小宇先生:看到你的回覆,我著實嚇了一跳!難道真會看得出?我的確"猛車邊"可說是傳媒界的,但我用的是中文名(嚴格來說是譯名)。這樣想落,又未必是你所指的"傳媒界的Janice"了。 無論如何,再說聲Happy Birthday! 請繼續帶給我們精彩的文字!More, More, More!

    回覆(2010/10/22 10:25:30)


  • 訪客:唐老      2010/10/20 16:55:02    

    我在這裡看的第一篇文章是女兒推介關於 “蘇馬大女士” 的那篇文章。此後我每個週末或週日都會抽空檔上來閱讀鄧生的作品﹐ 更意外地這網站的內容增加了我們父女日常間的溝通話題來。在此感謝鄧生﹐ 在閱讀文字的同時﹐ 我確實感覺到你所花的心血和誠意﹐ 而你的心血在我這個微不足道的香港小家庭內竟然也產生起化學作用﹐ 令我們相處得更融洽祥和﹐ 真的感謝你。

    回覆(2010/10/20 22:27:56)


  • 訪客:孝文      2010/10/20 15:47:38    

    一直覺得在「站借問」上留連時就像參加一個派對,主人好客,來賓有趣。鄧先生,謝謝你帶來了一個如此珍貴的空間,過去一年,我無論在知識或思考上,也有了不少增長。 你曾經說過或會寫下對鄭祖蔭和Andy等一眾男角的看法;在這個一周年派對中,已有尤敏寶田明主演的三部電影這道主菜,不知道接下來,會不會有這篇文章作為甜品?:]

    回覆(2010/10/20 22:20:32)


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