• 訪客:Peter      2010/11/14 14:48:53    

    Siu Yu wrote: > 余麗珍. she is so overly 苦 that becomes almost comical ... Yes, the civilians in HK back in the 60s were so simple that they relied their outlet of "discontent" in seeing the bad guys being punished at the end. For this to happen, the good guy like 余麗珍 must suffer tremendously and so looking back it becomes so comical :-) Yet the overly pretty girl 林鳳 must repent near the end and say sorry to 余媽媽. It's also curious to see this attitude of HK people changed so drastically in less than 10 years time, i.e. when the early 70s came and the Shaw Brothers became the bad guy by making those 拳頭/枕頭 movies , Hahaha By the way, watch the video again and pay attention to the 2 side cast teddy boys 丁羽 and 高超 who dressed in the colored shirts , twisting so happily. 高超 died a few months ago (He was the 飛天五 in 十兄弟 and the last to pass away) Yeah, cantonese movies in the 60s are real fun :-)

    回覆(2010/11/14 17:06:00)

    old cantonese films are indeed lots of fun but most often i find it quite boring to see the whole flick from beginnig to end. youtube comes in handy. we can watch all the 精華 thanks to those 有心人 like you.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/14 13:45:56    

    Siu Yu wrote > ... instead of typing a long series of meaningless letters and numbers.. Ah ! But I thought people here know how to do the copy and paste instead of typing the web site links themselves. So in case one doesn't know how, here are the steps 1. Highlight the link 2. Right click and choose "Copy" (複製) 3. Open a new Internet Explorer (or Firefox or Chrome) browser window 4. Place the mouse on the URL (網址) box 5. Right click and choose "Paste" (貼上) +-------------------My Profile --------------+ | Location: HK | Age: 56 | My music/movie sites | http://myblog.yahoo.com.hk/webbburt777 | http://www.youtube.com/webb60s | http://www.youtube.com/webbinthe60s | http://www.youtube.com/maybeperhaps777 +--------------------------------------------+

    回覆(2010/11/14 17:01:43)

    so embarrassed. guess i am the only one who does not know such elementary computer knowledge.

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/14 12:01:40    

    another farewell in cinema world before 2011 commences DINO de laurentiis

    回覆(2010/11/14 16:58:21)

    it's ironic that figures like him we aften assume have long gone and so surprised to learn mr de laurentis was actually still around as of 2010! i think he was the husband of the late Silvana Mangano who was Visconiti's favourite actress, an icon of eternal sophistication.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/13 20:38:45    

    Siu Yu wrote: > i also enjoyed the 營火會 you singled out with the scouts singing > and dancing to chinese cover of "歐西流行歌曲" (what an archaic term!) ... In the Cantonese movies of the early 60s, they often used the western songs in scenes of 飛仔/飛女 gathering (Hong Kong was still quite conservative then) I notice you have quite a lot of Ventures songs in your Jukebox page. Now a full version of The Shadows' Savage (which appeared originally in Cliff's movie The Young Ones) was used in a 余麗珍, 林鳳, 胡楓 movie in 1963. It's not very usual the whole background music was played in full (林 and 胡 and of course the typical 飛仔 余明 danced the "twist" to the music) .. Memorable scene for cantonese movie and particularly for we 歐西流行曲 followers :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrhkjS5Oljs

    回覆(2010/11/14 9:56:14)

    thanks. the clip is fun. 林鳳 is really very pretty as legend has it, sort of "fung so" and 放 and twists quite well. the bonus is of course 余麗珍. she is so overly 苦 that becomes almost comical. can't wait to see lam fung insult and slap her on the face. too bad the clip ends before this juicy (in my imagination) scene. next time you should just give us the clip title. it is easier for most of us to search this way instead of typing a long series of meaningless letters and numbers which bounds to be typos here, there and everywhere.

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/12 13:33:30    

    走在秋日陽光中突然驚覺到中環依然存在尚未消失 在特別多魔鬼多家樂行政區 jean genet 又何嘗唔係一隻法蘭西老妖[小偷式同志男妓式哲思詩情炒埋一碟上枱] enjoy your vin rouge在幽幽青青月色下

    回覆(2010/11/14 9:46:06)

    i am no expert in wine but i do like the very light, almost taste like water portuguese table white wine "vino verde". for some reason it is not available in hk (too cheap?), i can only find in macau. only if i can find it in hk....

  • 訪客:周采茨      2010/11/11 23:13:30    

    Gone through your posted articles of my "childhood" work, many of them I do not even have "曾经相识" feelings, early sign of alzeimmmm.... LOL, Very impressed with your illustrations, thanks, pictures do enhance articles, you kind of up dated them even though you said my pieces are basically withstanding time, such a compliament, very grateful. When you re-group, if you want more, I have a private stash at your disposal! Lots of love, xoxo

    回覆(2010/11/13 17:31:37)

    you are among the very few fellow writers, if not the only one, who care to leave a message here. i am very touched. there will be some more of your "childhood" works coming. i want you to know you are in many ways my mentor, especially in the lifestyle department!

  • 訪客:G      2010/11/11 11:45:20    


    回覆(2010/11/13 17:27:40)

    so glad you saw it. it was entertaining and innovative. 陸離 told me her other one-woman show about cats is even better. i will watch out for its re-run. hope there will be.

  • 訪客:Peter      2010/11/11 11:39:40    

    Siu Yu said >> ... 24 hours from tulsa ... Yes, I noticed this Bacharach pop song in your Jukebox link. But I never like the singer Gene Pitney and also I'd prefer Bacharach's more jazzy (and classical music flavored) styles. Regarding that "blogger duriandave", he's my friend. He's in San Francisco . His name is David Wells. I came to know him when I saw his english web site for Sister Pearl :-) He's a huge fan of Connie Chan http://www.moviefanprincess.com I joined the forum in that web site (though I am not truly a Connie's fan) for curiosity. After that he came to HK for a few times and we met to have some gathering (with some connie's online fans) For instance, he came to HK to watch Connie's chinese opera performance early this year (again, as I mentioned, he knew not a single word of chinese and he said he enjoyed the show. It's amazing) Read his cheeky remarks on a recent Connie Chan's film clip I posted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmd0OUDiLno That clip was posted when the young girl playing guitar in that scene got hold of me recently and asked to watch that scene again. She's also in San Francisco now. Read her comments in that Youtube clip for details

    回覆(2010/11/11 11:39:40)

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/11 11:02:44    

    as provided by PETER earlier google softfilm blogspot blogger duriandave is as EXPERT as siuyu san

    回覆(2010/11/11 11:02:44)

  • 訪客:cybervampire      2010/11/11 9:31:03    

    waiting for renaissance of cinema italiano cappucino perhaps for fans of eternal pasolini the novel PETROLIO [warning-for adults only. explicit homoerotic content]

    回覆(2010/11/11 10:18:01)

    there is no way you can be anyone else by mr c.

  • 訪客:Anna      2010/11/10 15:32:04    

    What do u think of 錢瑪莉? 你太識女人心。 I just think that I'm getting close to her life, but I know I just don't like this kind of life. And I'm thinking twice about my life attitude.

    回覆(2010/11/11 10:16:41)

    i can never lead her kind of life. all i can do is to wrtie about it. you are right, you should seek more 精神生活 while you are still young.

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/10 11:16:36    

    玉女林鳳吸煙照是由blogger duriandave貼上的- 真有味道! duriandave also follows other bloggers one of whom is malaysia-based小宇-电影的理想年代 LOTS OF OLD PICS LA DOUBLE VIE DE 小宇 IN CYBERSPACE!

    回覆(2010/11/11 10:14:02)

    i remember someone told me about this guy. do you have his website address? or his name in cyberspace so that i can google him?

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