• 訪客:Peter      2010/11/18 0:55:23    

    > quite boring to see the whole flick from beginnig to end. > youtube comes in handy. we can watch all the 精華 .... Sure. Most old cantonese films are quite dated (as far as story and plot is concerned) But one good thing about them is that by watching them, we saw what the local streets and countryside look like. Every now and then, the background music used were also quite good. I will show some of those later. But here's one that 黃百鳴 has chosen well in one of his movies in the 90s, called 大富之家: April Comes she will (S & G) was once used as background music in this blog of yours too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRRctS6XQVM The music of Simon & Garfunkel was so influential in my music listening life. They have broken out from the PP& M folk mode and injected such life (music wise and lyrics wise , e.g. who could write about an architect called Frank Llouyd Wright) into the contemporary folk music ...

    回覆(2010/11/21 11:16:06)

    ...when i run dry i stop a while to think of you. forever thankful to the songs lilke《so long frank lloyd wright》which helped me go through those lonely, monotonous days in college in usa.

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/17 11:42:45    

    i think so, that's eileen chang's idea, though the exact wording may be different, you'll have to check the book

    回覆(2010/11/17 11:42:45)

  • 訪客:孝文      2010/11/17 2:00:09    

    致 cmmm 請問以下這段是出自〈造人〉一文嗎?我是從甘國亮一篇文章中看到的,印象深刻,但他沒有列明出處。 「造人是危險的工作,文明人是相當值錢的動物,餵養、教養,在在需要巨大的耗費。我們的精力有限,在世的時間也很有限,可做該做的事又那麼多,憑甚麼我們要大量製造一批遲早要被淘汰的廢物?」

    回覆(2010/11/17 2:00:09)

  • 訪客:hellobucks      2010/11/16 23:15:58    

    i love those music in this website

    回覆(2010/11/17 11:25:01)

    thanks for your compliment. the world is full of so much good music and so many different genres. mine is just a drop in the ocean and very "limtied". for example, those into rock may not care much for the songs selected here

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/11/16 13:55:28    


    回覆(2010/11/16 13:55:28)

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/16 10:21:17    

    oh helmut b. in the DAMNED & LUDWIG also, 2 great visconti movies

    回覆(2010/11/16 10:21:17)

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/16 10:11:18    

    for fans of eternal bruce lee李小龍哲学 STRIKING THOUGHTS is the book for nostalgia and the americans are working to make their supercomputer faster than 天河一号A, haha

    回覆(2010/11/16 10:11:17)

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/15 12:49:37    

    for funny idle minds www edge org

    回覆(2010/11/15 12:49:37)

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/15 11:41:05    

    我曾在hkstandard 讀到一封letter to editor, that letter writer actually suggests the nobel peace prize be awarded to the chinese govt for successful birth/population control on the mainland 張迷應該熟悉<流言>內<造人>一文,讓人們多点想想生育子女是什么一回事 in USA a transexual man-WOMAN became pregnant....in this new age 因為世界尚未消失我便坐在透明之秋裹揭着 ian mcewan SOLAR 以為全球暖化物種消失是潮人們的傳說, 新物種在深海雨林現世, 複制人變種人[HEROES, X-MEN]通街都係, 在特別多垃圾行政區, 我自会在時辰到消失成村上春樹式透明

    回覆(2010/11/15 11:41:05)

  • 訪客:cmmm      2010/11/15 11:22:29    

    oh yeah the late silvana M appeared in pasolini's THEOREM & visconti's death in venice, which i enjoyed watching in my art cinema days [long gone....haha]

    回覆(2010/11/15 19:10:10)

    《conversation piece》is another visconti film starring silvana mangano and helmut berger, also a visconti favourite, perhaps for other reasons.

  • 訪客:sandy      2010/11/15 9:52:16    

    @ 孝文 : totally agree with your idea of adoption (so well matched with Mr Deng's article on Ming Pao). it's the only genuinie humanistic and environmental-friendly gesture of mankind. 重視'血緣'只反映人類的偏狹、自私。

    回覆(2010/11/15 9:52:16)

  • 訪客:孝文      2010/11/15 7:01:55    

    之前在網絡上就代母或所謂非自然方法生孩子,以及沒有能力去養孩子就不要勉強生育,讓孩子受苦等問題發表了一些意見﹐完全沒有得到回應。〈生命﹐或選擇的拼湊〉一文讓我知道,我的想法並不孤單,謝謝。 文中提到的人被「動物化」,複製人被用作器官移植工具的問題,我聯想到的是衛斯理的《後備》,有趣的是,作者同樣不敢擲第一塊石頭。 至於孩子因標籤而可能受到的傷害問題,容許我樂觀一點,隨著各種透過「非自然」方法出生小孩的數目上升,以及社會對生育科技看法的改變,我相信標籤的負面效應會逐漸減少。 不過,當然最理想的是如你所說,人們能夠放開「血緣觀念」,領養孩子。我曾經向一些很想要孩子,但早已過了生育年齡的女性朋友提出這建議,但得到的反應是我在說火星語,儘管她們都擁有高學歷。血緣,真有那麼重要嗎?

    回覆(2010/11/15 19:05:47)

    你們上來這網站可能真的不是偶然,即使沒有說出來,我相信我們確是有著很多相近的想法和理念,in here you are not alone.

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