• 訪客:undeadwoman      2010/12/15 10:06:33    

    the empty norwegian chair may well inspire more dannyyung zuni theatrical works...it's now freezing cold in liaoning...and i hope pork is provided in the prisoner's menu

    回覆(2010/12/15 21:06:19)

    mr yung seems to be "inspired" by whatever in the vogue. but his close connection with the mainland cultural eltie may prevent him from staging this particular subject matter.

  • 訪客:Sharon      2010/12/14 16:42:28    

    你還會親自去解釋,多難得啊!你說的這個事情,我想起鐘興民幫黃韻玲製作的《關於愛的二三事》被指抄襲kings of convenience的《misread》,他也上去那個網站解釋了。其實我覺得有時候真不必解釋了,反正或者也不是爲了誤會你的那個人,隨便他怎麼想好了。十分期待這裡有的聖誕氣氛,總覺得被有聖誕氣氛的任何東西包圍都是幸福的。

    回覆(2010/12/14 16:42:28)

  • 訪客:如月喆力      2010/12/14 12:15:19    

    如果hk有得播內地tv紅樓夢我估我会看的; 多得小宇文章內的劇照, 寶玉的金鎖可会成為我的xmas gift? 但我不会因劇情眼泛淚光的, 古老的故事在21世紀難有知音人,清朝已成古董,反而是艺術指導更可引兴欣賞...

    回覆(2010/12/15 21:14:11)


  • 訪客:Sharon      2010/12/14 0:54:13    


    回覆(2010/12/14 10:42:45)


  • 訪客:朱头丙路人      2010/12/13 15:21:24    

    indeed there're many gay guys active in the hk literary scene, some pretty ephemeral, some more wellknown & easily traceable in newspapers & magazines. some are more articulate about the tongzhi situation [bullying, gay teen suicide, discrimination etc], some not quite so....each person has his mode of expression. what's valuable about hk is diversity.

    回覆(2010/12/14 10:26:32)


  • 訪客:文可風      2010/12/13 13:45:21    

    i fully understand your feeling. my starting point is not same as yours. we are both "writer" but my start is from tongzhi movement since 1994. for yours. start as a "writer" i try to write something else around year 2000 in different managzine but the noise is not the same as i did before. i keep on doing tongzhi movement coz i want to help more people specially tongzhi parents. here is my free article in 香港家庭計劃指導會網頁 : http://www.famplan.org.hk/sexedu/B5/article/Article_details.asp?arID=303 tongzhi movement cannot earn money. so i got a daytime job too. no one like crown as a "gay" in the living world. for me as i want to keep on my dream so i do. i always say i have coming out 候群症。 i really respect all who grow up in year 70 or 80 (when the society is not open as now). it is not easy. i know this web for a long while but i don't have brave to drop down a message to u. i hope no tongzhi 搞手 will laugh at me Ha..ha..

    回覆(2010/12/14 10:46:13)

    失覺了,遲些我會聯絡你的,不要拉我去遊行就是了,appreciaate your kind words.

  • 訪客:良民良品      2010/12/13 6:07:29    


    回覆(2010/12/13 11:01:15)

    清晨6點網到這站?每個人的生活習慣確是各有不同,I take it to mean 你以後在互聯網會多添一個去處,也希望再次收到你的訊息。

  • 訪客:文可風      2010/12/12 23:05:43    

    thanks 小宇, i know u read my last message already. yes. just watched your interview talked about your life. i wanted be know u for many years and this interview plug my brave fianlly to leave down the message. maybe it's very 唐突。but anyway. 我很欣賞你本人。about me. u can use my name to search under yahoo.com if u interested. with best wishes, anthony

    回覆(2010/12/13 11:20:59)

    I have mixed feeling receiving your message. I always hope people view me as a "writer", period and not a "gay writer" or whatever. Of course I have gay sensiblities which are inevitably reflected in my writing but my primary concern is never those gay issues you guys seem so concerned. I hope you enjoy my writing and my style as they are. Also I feel very honored to have earn your respect and admiration. A hearty thanks for letting me know.

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/12/12 18:52:28    


    回覆(2010/12/12 18:52:28)

  • 訪客:unknowner      2010/12/12 13:45:36    

    by chance i just watched youtube clips of AFTER THE RAIN, THE SKY BRIGHTENS starring kid stars connie chanpochu & deng xiaoyu, as well as vodnext clip of deng xiaoyu interview [on sexuality, courtroom experience]--- so, from childhood to adulthood that's life, which can be a real bitch at times!!

    回覆(2010/12/12 18:55:34)

    not all the time a bitch. we should consider ourselves very blessed to grow up and live in hong kong. at least we still can watch major events live, uncensored on tv.

  • 訪客:小宇      2010/12/12 10:54:58    


    回覆(2010/12/12 10:54:58)

  • 訪客:Sharon      2010/12/11 23:10:49    

    hi 小宇,在Janice Wong的微博看到你爲她簽書的照片,不禁又幻想下你也在微博該多好,雖然之前已經看到你寫不開微博的原因,理解的,但每次看到有朋友貼出你的照片或者提起你的在哪裡又有新文章的時候,總會不自覺又幻想一下......

    回覆(2010/12/12 10:39:59)

    我有在微博被提及嗎?哈哈太意想不到了,正如我也意想不到也不明白為什麼隔了廿多年(!!!omg!)薛芷倫突然通過Janice Wong請我去她的生日飯聚(that explains her 微博entry),我本以為是a table of snobs,已穿上戰衣準備迎戰,卻竟再多來一次意想不到,認識了幾位可愛的女孩,令我對當今那些名牌揸fit人的偏見有所改觀。thanks fanny, for a lovely evening。我的微博/twitter/facebook或許只能在這裏土法進行。

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