• 訪客:dd      2011/4/11 23:25:27    

    returned home drunk from a banquet. then can't help listening to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esdl_3kKSBk know you must have known her. is'nt it mesmerizing?

    回覆(2011/4/12 21:54:31)

    she is quite often mesmerizing especially doing an oldie like《Besame Mucho》here. i also have her《carnaval de sao vincente》(extended mix) currently blasting in my jukebox in audio visual page.

  • 訪客:x      2011/4/10 10:22:41    

    FAREWELL TO MOVIE DIRECTOR SIDNEY LUMET, whose movie THE VERDICT [1982] remains in my near- disintegrating memory. have a nice day mr deng.

    回覆(2011/4/10 12:58:23)

    you are certainly the messenger of death! lumet already outstayed most of the film directors of his generation. i am particurlarly fond his more feminine movie "the group" (慾海春夢) in which candice bergen made her film debut playing a very elelgant lesbian whose outer appearnace is not unlike jil sander who comes decades later. wonder if i can find a clip of this more or less forgotten movie in youtube?

  • 訪客:alp      2011/4/10 4:36:22    


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  • 訪客:sandy      2011/4/8 12:59:46    


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  • 訪客:蝴蝶兰      2011/4/6 20:21:53    

    再问邓先生一个问题 陈玉梅(邵逸夫的大嫂)真的是1985年在香港去世的吗?

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  • 訪客:littleduck      2011/4/6 13:38:58    

    昨天假期去龍珠島附近打了一轉,然後去黃金海岸, 上一次去龍珠島已是很久很久的時候,我想是70年代初,你還有去那裡嗎?

    回覆(2011/4/7 10:17:30)

    oh it was really long ago and far way... the place was desrted for a long time and was finally sold in the late 1990's. thank you for remembering this.

  • 訪客:小宇      2011/4/5 0:00:52    

    終於找到84年紅白大賽水前寺清子和細川高志先後唱同一首《浪花節...人生...》(Song Performance 欄),不知是否水前寺氣勢太勁,嚇到細川連自己首本歌歌詞也忘記!互聯網確是神奇!

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  • 訪客:本站設計工程師      2011/4/2 23:34:55    


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  • 訪客:dd      2011/4/2 15:23:15    

    time for some laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST_S4yWN_sU (pls note he hardly turns a page and his funny sweater) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqHfser_9_s (the last bit is weird...) ;-)

    回覆(2011/4/7 10:23:42)

    i could never find these clips myself. thanks for sharing. a really spcecial treat for those christ walken and de niro fans

  • 訪客:天賜      2011/4/2 10:50:41    

    bang bang 重現, 時間真的過得快。記得學生時候買了條 bang bang 紮染工人大喇叭腳牛仔褲, 在家裡對著鏡子左照右照, 不過還是不夠膽量穿上街, 結果這條褲子好多年後仍然是條新的褲子, 到國外唸書回來後已經再找不到它了。

    回覆(2011/4/7 10:20:23)

    oh yes, those bell-bottom days!

  • 訪客:小宇      2011/4/1 11:32:08    

    更新提示/通告欄已上傳了三月份新添的內容,Jukebox也換上十首新歌。特別留意辜滄石送上我城的傳奇名模柴文意在七十年代拍下的時裝照(圖片分享欄)。時代畢竟是進步了,重看這些照片總覺得有點sloppy,lots of unnecessary details,不過那時可沒有電腦翻執啊。攝影師是誰已無從稽考,Jonny Koo說那時Bang Bang時裝財雄勢大,用的都是頂尖攝影師如Kelvin Orpin, Dinshaw Balsara及Richard Bright等人。

    回覆(2011/4/1 11:32:08)

  • 訪客:Peter      2011/3/30 5:52:51    

    I said previously > If I could, I will place the part at the end of the movie on Youtube later > to share (it was sung by Percy Faith and the orchestra, i think) Okay, here's that vocal version at the end of the movie (when the rolling credit came up). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqzhoxmWOug It is short but very pleasant. By the way, the chinese title of the movie "Sandpiper" is 瀟湘雲夢 . What a good translation :-) Ah, what a surprise to hear about 學生王子 鄧光榮 died yesterday at the "young" age of 64 He used to go to 新法 school in Caroline Road (and later Sum Sum, Ban Ban sisters also went) in HK island. Here's a rare scene of him dancing in Chan Po Chu's movie 金色聖誕夜 RIP , Mr. Tang http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0J5dvNRxZU

    回覆(2011/3/30 10:51:33)

    thank you for posting those lost treasures. i used to loathe the likes of percy faith being too sweet and sentimental in their treatment of songs. but as i grow older, i come to appreciate some of these guys for their musical expertise. there are indeed more roads lead to rome than one. we should try to accept different kinds of music taste. really caught me by surprise that alan tang left us so unexpectedly and relatively "early". i know him a bit and he was a very delightful and charming man. i always thought he was from new method kowloon until i read your message.

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