• 訪客:70s or even 60s      2018/10/18 14:13:13    

    小宇 I truly want to go back to the 70s or even 60s. I hope what Stephen Hawkings said is true. Time is just a particular point. Perhaps we can go back. Then I could have many wedding dinners again with my young dad and gorgeous mom. Yeah. And I'm still a baby and get 200% pampered always. Yeah.

    回覆(2018/10/18 14:13:13)

  • 訪客:Soo      2018/10/18 9:08:52    

    So, the final posthumous statement from Stephen Hawking is out: There is no God. Theists, theologians, church leaders etc will have something to say, presumably, simply: We disagree. End of debate, if any. One does not have to argue with a dead person.

    回覆(2018/10/18 9:08:52)

  • 訪客:小宇      2018/10/18 7:03:07    

    這幾無天狂刪無聊留言,不小心刪錯了幾則其他人發的,包括一則提到 Darren Criss (The Assassination of Gianni Versace) 獲得艾美獎。我同意他 (她) 說同組的 Antonio Banderas (Picasso) 也演得很好。

    回覆(2018/10/18 7:03:07)

  • 訪客:P E T E R      2018/10/18 4:38:22    

    Good old Cliff celebrated his 78th birthday 4 days ago. He has also just finished his  "60th anniversary in show biz" concerts .

    Looking back, he came to Hong Kong in 1972 and Hank Marvin / Olivia Newton John were with him (see this ad)

    回覆(2018/10/18 4:38:22)

  • 訪客:Jasmine      2018/10/18 2:15:10    

    Romanovs 電視劇未有機會看 。(NY Times 有評論文章形容為 "elegant but frustrating"。
    不懂西班牙文當然影響了欣賞,但鬼叫是Romanovs 迷,都要睇。製作不錯的,演出者的歌唱技巧也好。
    算是少少補償錯過了渡邊謙不久前在倫敦演出的The King and I。(有事要改行程,買了最後一場的票也忍痛送給人。他與美國演員Kelli O'Hara 這組合以後還會演出嗎? 嘆氣.....)

    回覆(2018/10/18 6:49:38)


  • 訪客:Great      2018/10/16 14:40:30    

    Great to read about Versace tv drama. The serial murderer would have been caught after the first crime if in Hong Kong. Something obviously very wrong with FBI there. Versace died a 冤枉Death.

    回覆(2018/10/16 16:11:15)

    yes, well executed and very handsome production,

  • 訪客:Time      2018/10/15 20:47:45    

    Usually time is perceived as linear, it goes constantly forward to.....we know not what? What if time is actually cyclical, one cycle after another?

    回覆(2018/10/15 20:47:45)

  • 訪客:留番拜山先講      2018/10/15 16:28:54    


    回覆(2018/10/15 16:28:54)

  • 訪客:P e t e r       2018/10/15 2:15:36    

    尋日 Cliff Richard 生日, 佢衣家仲為入行60周年巡迴演唱...本地 Joe Junior 以前常唱奇里夫嘅歌..呢首 Outsider 當年香港嘅收音機常聽到..

    回覆(2018/10/15 2:15:36)

  • 訪客:Jasmine      2018/10/14 16:09:08    

    我試下upload 岩崎宏美的相,早前在電視機前影的。(論論盡盡,不知能否成功。)


    回覆(2018/10/16 16:06:57)


  • 訪客:Fr Across the Pond      2018/10/14 4:26:31    

    Dear Mr. Deng

    Share with you .....

    Hummingbird Project

    Elephant sitting Still

    Long Journey's into Night

    The Third Wife

    Bel Canto

    Cold War


    Done all plus a few others in two weeks, my YOLO time (you only live once..)

    回覆(2018/10/14 4:26:31)

  • 訪客:Dear 小宇 :)      2018/10/13 11:02:00    

    Hiya 小宇 you're cordially invite to my birthday party. Date: Saturday (Oct 13) Venue as below: Ned Kelly. Time: From 9 till late. Hope to see you there. :)

    回覆(2018/10/16 16:09:54)

    seriously doubt anyone would care to show up. the outcome was probably just like stephen hawkins' party for time travellers.

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