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    don't see the connection or logic between extradition and gay. i think you need professional phychiatric help instead of wasting your time disturbing this comment page for years.

  • 訪客:magicck      2019/6/14 8:10:52    

    do people still believe in Magic? are there still people actively practising magic? during turbulent times there is always a Wish for magical things to happen....

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  • 訪客:Robben      2019/6/14 2:52:12    

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  • 訪客:粗略估計,佢哋全部無去整容 :)      2019/6/14 1:43:09    

    Hello!! 小宇,我只係求其估吓,我又唔係整容醫生,我點知佢哋有無整同幾時幾分整噃! 常盤貴子小姐,大大眼袋無咗,眉型變咗,以前唔畫下眼線的,我好鍾意佢以前個樣,濃密的眉,靈氣迫人,人老了雙眼都會容易凹陷下去。因為我睇TVB無睇日劇,完全唔知鈴木京香係乜水,真係失覺晒。。。邊度睇得咁多,眼睛要休息嘛。。。Julianne Moore 應該係最老嘅,但有種柔弱的老的視覺美感。 Renee Zellweger 呢,我喜歡佢雙唇合上中間有一個洞,好不性感 too sexy la, 我也喜歡陳煒,她們應該在養生方面有點注意。可能多飲牛奶,多食香蕉,多吃蜜所,藍莓。所以都能 keep 住個樣。小宇有親人去日本整容?整咩先?幾多錢?效果唔覺? 但係 keep 得好好?咁就分享吓啦 Please!!

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  • 訪客:吳先生真係慘      2019/6/13 16:10:42    


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  • 訪客:anonymous protester      2019/6/12 8:35:36    

    Game On people!

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  • 訪客:today      2019/6/12 4:34:14    

    to protest, or not to protest? that is the question. there are rumors certain security personnel would illegally pose as police officers beating up protesters.....afraid? yes, everyone should be afraid, not so much of Physical Violence, but of the workings of the minds of certain people.

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  • 訪客:netizen      2019/6/11 14:30:02    

    someone has come across this old pic

    圖像中可能有1 人、特寫

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  • 訪客:june9 memory      2019/6/11 14:20:31    


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  • 訪客:Does my logic make sense?      2019/6/11 12:37:25    

    小宇, I'm feeling so sad. 原本我打算亂寫一個故仔:係關於你同我的前世的。 我們原本是 Maryknoll Convent School 的女學生,外表一般,學業成績都係較為普通,但係英文應用方面就很優異,點呀? Whenever I think about your past life, I consider whether a situation is normal or abnormal. My answer is that's OK to start but should be avoided in abnormal settings. 說到底,人物塲景全部出現問題,這個故仔太假,太老作啦… 原因: 1) 我咁靚女,我的前世點會外表一般呢 Secondly, 鄧小宇60年代已經係童星… Maryknoll Convent School 60後才搬到何東道,出現兩個鄧小宇?分身咩? 就算你願意接受這個故仔… this semi-normal story is a gray area where you have to use your judgement. Em

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  • 訪客:ip&chuan      2019/6/9 9:14:17    

    fond memory of historical remark: Do not insult the intelligence of hk chinese! #leewingtat #howe

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  • 訪客:1983      2019/6/9 5:43:20    

    the year 1983. the summer the results of Hkcee came out. what was hkcee? then it was hk certificate of education exam. all secondary school students took part. a schoolmate appeared in 1983 memory. this schoolmate is now a fashion businessman developing his biz in mainland China, employing many young women as models. So far this 1983 schoolmate is still not yet arrested, so still doing ok apparently. the year 1983, the year before 1984 joint declaration, now declared non existent by China side, oh that amazing!? Was not this declaration registered somewhere in the United Nations registry, if any? Is the average hk person aware of this? So much ignorance and indifference. A time machine should be built to bring everyone back to 1983, do something tricky there. Yes, an ingenious trick in 1983 would render 2019 Very Different. This is the fight of our lives, someone says in a movie.

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