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    In the future, Hong Kong's class will solidify and house prices will rise rapidly ,People's happiness will decline and their economic status will be replaced by Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai ,There is no internet high-tech industry ,Cultural influence will also decline , Tourism will also be affected. Hong Kong has only high-rise buildings but no ancient buildings ,The Communist Party has never intervened in Hong Kong's economy, but the people of Hong Kong have never reflected ,Why is Hong Kong no longer brilliant

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    The author is a Hong Kong-based investment banker from a US firm, with over a decade of experience in US equity and a profound grasp of China-US relations. He became a devoted “yellow ribbon” after witnessing the 21 July attacks.

    “I actually think this deal is a great deal for the people of Hong Kong to see what happened. I think this is a very positive thing for Hong Kong.”
    - Donald Trump, in meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, Oct 11

    To be fair, I think Trump is right. An interim deal reached between US and China is indeed the best outcome for Hong Kong, at this stage of our fight. Here is why.

    1. When we say “if we burn, you burn with us”, WHO are we really trying to burn? Carrie Lam? PoPo? Hong Kong? No no no… the only thing that makes sense is the CCP. Why else, then, would we want to wave the Stars and Stripes in protests, or travel half the world to testify at a congressional hearing? You might wonder how US can help us overcome the CCP. Obviously, Trump is a businessman who knows that knockout blows are dealt through the economy. Do you expect him to send his Pacific Fleet out to the East Sea or fire a couple of Tomahawks through a US military base in Okinawa?

    If you remember how the USSR disintegrated, you'd know that the US did it by making the Soviet economy collapse, without launching a single missile. Everyone knows how bad China’s economy is right now, so of course Trump would take advantage. An economic decline will see public discontent boil over, and revolt from Xi Jinping’s foes within and beyond his party. Troubles inside and out could result in a perfect China meltdown.

    2. In every way, the interim deal represents Chinese concession and a resounding win for the US. The US merely agreed to suspend a 5% tariff hike scheduled for next week…… for now, but China will have to buy US$50B worth of US farm products and make compromise in areas like intellectual property, finance and currency. In a nutshell, after the trade war began, China have not been buying less from the US. If anything, they are actually purchasing more agricultural goods. Meanwhile, the US are already taxing $370B of Chinese goods (for ~$83B in tariffs per year). Suspending the extra 5% hike planned for $250B of them is just a drop in the ocean. The deal has all the markings of an unfair treaty. And the fact that China agreed to such terms despite fresh US sanctions - laid down only days ago - on officials and businesses who are involved in Xinjiang crackdowns, shows the desperation of the Chinese economy.

    3. As of now there’s nothing concrete, or anything that looks like a deal. Trump wants to delay this for a month or two, amidst impeachment pressure at home. Fighting multiple battles at the same time is never a good idea, while a triumphant ‘phased' deal can help him win hearts and buy time to deal with domestic affairs, before turning on China again. Instead of signing it with Liu He, Trump wanted to do it at a face-to-face with Xi in November so that China could not go back on their word like they did in May. Til then, Trump still has the HK Human Rights & Democracy Act, plus this ultimate card: an extra 15% tariff on $160B of Chinese goods come December. Will China dare to not honour their promise?

    At times viewed by Mainlanders as just another Chinese city, Hong Kong is in fact indispensable in the eyes of Chinese leaders, since most foreign capital can only enter China through HK. Fair to say, HK is their ATM. If one day HK loses its special status, the ATM no longer functions and yet you have 1.4 billion people to take care of back home - coupled with mounting debts - you are gonna be in a really tight spot. Trump will drag his feet til the human rights act is passed, before going into a Chinese showdown with all his chips. Hongkongers, we just need to be patient.

    4. When Trump says Hong Kong’s "going to take care of itself", what he meant was CCP should not interfere with HK’s autonomy via Lam, pro-Beijing figures, Chinese capital, or rural forces and triads, whether directly or indirectly. This is a warning to CCP. If they cross the line, the US are entitled to step up Chinese sanctions. US policy towards Xinjiang has proved that Trump isn't empty talk.

    5. Trump says he sees “far fewer” protestors in Hong Kong now, “it really has toned down a lot” and that "great progress has been made by China in Hong Kong”. You guys thought Trump threw HK under the bus. Come on! We’re talking about a F2F meeting between Trump and Liu. On the negotiating table, Trump naturally had to save face for Liu and put in a few nice words. Openly asking CCP to not interfere in HK matters and implement dual universal suffrage right away would only guarantee a meltdown in talks.

    Trump says he’s been watching the protests in HK, which obviously have not eased after the escalations of last week. Trump’s words are actually a helpful propaganda for our frontline protestors: in his eyes, the “renovation projects” and vigilante acts carried out by protestors were never a big deal. Thus his conclusion that things have "toned down a lot".

    Meanwhile, Trump has given the clearest hint for HKers to never cut ties with each other or split. The “peaceful" ones ought to come out and help ramp up the numbers as much as they can. We need another million-strong march to achieve maximum noise on a global level!

    Once again: the “valiants" and “pacifists" must continue to stand as one, and remain as ready to fight as ever. Each one of you counts! Brothers and sisters, we shall meet very soon under The Pot!

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    Lady Liberty to Watch Over the City on the Lion Rock

    The Lady Liberty of Hong Kong and its creative team were seen on the top of the Lion Rock, one of Hong Kong’s scenic attractions, on Sunday morning. The statue will stay atop at location as she sends her blessings and continuous support to Hong Kong citizens in their pursuit of democracy and freedom against the tyrannical government. The head portion of the Lion Rock will be the final resting place of the Lady Liberty of Hong Kong, according to the team behind the creation.

    The Lady Liberty of Hong Kong is amongst one of the iconic symbols of the city’s democratic movement started in June. As a gesture to reiterate the resilience and determination of Hong Kong citizens in demanding freedom and democracy in the city, with the assistance of a group of volunteers, the creative team behind the statue has successfully installed the Lady Liberty of Hong Kong at the top of the Lion Rock in a 4-hour mission on Saturday midnight.

    The team managed to recruit 15 volunteers to assist in the mission in less than 1 week. Lion Rock was chosen as the final stop for the Lady Liberty for symbolic and sentimental reasons. For many years, the Lion Rock was long acclaimed as the source of origin of “The Spirit of Hong Kong: resilience and perseverance. These qualities which were believed to be the essence of Hong Kong’s uprising between the decades of 1970-1990. While the statue of the Lady Liberty of Hong Kong represents the citizens’ determination to fight for freedom, equality, and democracy in Hong Kong, moving the statue from the city to the top of the Lion Rock is a symbolic gesture to revitalizes the core values Hong Kong people treasure and will resonance with. The team reckoned that the mission-in-the-dark could possibly be a timely reminder of the core at this time of the long road to freedom.

    The 4-meter statue was created by a group of art enthusiasts in Hong Kong. With conceptualization, crowdfunding and production of the statue all happened in the span of one week, the creation process echoed the philosophy of “Be Water”, which has become motto-of-the-movement. The image of the Lady Liberty took reference of the outfits of protesters involving in the Anti-Extradition Law campaign started in June. The final design of the Lady Liberty incorporated the opinions and preferences of the mass via an online poll hosted in the social media platform LIHKG.

    The Lady Liberty of Hong Kong, the “Goddess” as many people name it, does not come with the common features that resemble a Goddess; yet she presents herself in protective gears (helmets, goggles, and face mask) common found among the protesters in the movement. She is holding a flag (carrying the central thesis of the movement: “Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now”) and an umbrella as she marched through the smoke of tear gas. The creative team also made a conscious choice of the gender of the statue. On one hand, the feminine image of the statue symbolizes the civilians-led campaign against the seemingly overpowered Government, while on the other hand, also represents the courage of HK citizens against injustice and violence of all kinds imposed by the police force, and the ruling regime.

    Since debuted in August at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the statue has appeared in numerous of mass protests in Hong Kong. More recently, miniatures of the statue were also produced by the team to show further supports to fellow Hong Kong citizens in the democratic movement.


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    圖像中可能有1 人、文字

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    during these times many people(police &protesters alike) work& function 24/7 without sufficient sleep/rest. Will lifespan be shortened then? For the record, in the past 4 months since june9 only One reported case of cop death, that 40something officer died from exhaustion &flu.

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    I am very unhappy.

    Life’s always so tough .

    All the best for all the life being.

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    下個月大館音樂節目,Ute Lemper獻唱舊時代歐陸老歌。 她都應該知道姚莉是誰。

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    今天週末,網絡新聞主角肯定是大J,好似是一位youtuber,他懸紅一百萬向白警買克警黑材料。 Cheers!

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    今年N文學獎公布了,其實是2018及2019年兩位得主,都是歐洲人。中国的余华及殘雪,日本的村上春樹均未能得獎。 2020年再見吧。 Life is long, exuberant,beautiful and painful, at the same time.

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