• 訪客:P E T E R      2019/1/24 19:53:47    

    剛在 Netflix 看了那很多人談論的墨西哥電影 Roma (羅馬), 其實很平凡,是桃姐的粵語片版
    (黑白片之故)  ... 較特別是畫面構圖很淡,很蒼白, 又不知為何導演常影著主角屋外的行車道之滿佈狗糞..
    跟著我又閱讀了小宇的桃姐版文章"廣東道1077和1067號".. 兩者在時間上很配合呢

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  • 訪客:Internet rumor      2019/1/24 16:10:49    


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  • 訪客:Sandy      2019/1/24 15:12:52    

    It's been a long while since i wrote here.  So glad to have read your articles on your childhood memories and all those recollections of places and people dear to you when you're young.   Yes, we should try record down things we still remember and treasure.  this is precious.  Ps, I grew up living at #575 Canton Road till i graduated from college in the 80s.  all those memories came back when i read your Canton Road piece. thanks a lot and pls keep writing  :-)

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  • 訪客:Do you need fasting? :)      2019/1/23 14:36:40    

    The Vine pastor Andrew had mentioned he is on the fast too. He is just drinking water and oh my god I just started my so called fast yesterday. 😱😱😱😱😱 I checked on internet there are different formats of fasting - some people are not eating rich food. Some of them are not eating meat.🍔🍗🍖🍣🍜 I decided drinking water but occasionally if I wanna chocolate🍫🍪🍩🍮🍯 I sip a little bit and I buy the cheapest biscuit, but if I see yummy food 🍎🍌🍨🍟🍱I am very desire to eat. I still buy it and eliminate them immediately but I will think there are some hunger people need food🍞🍚🍙🍘🍠 too. Its a good practice. I think this a bit similar like Ramadan. 🐪🐫🐪🐫🐪 Anyway, a good practice stating at the beginning of the year. No matter if you simply think its a diet programme or a deep thinking about the whole world society, spiritual deep cleaning. Awesome. Although I'm starting a week late but I'm still thinking cool. Em

    回覆(2019/1/23 14:36:40)

  • 訪客:Whoisthat 大媽       2019/1/22 15:18:28    

    << 唔知戴綠色圍巾嘅大媽係邊位藝人/名人? 呢位就名乎其實,
    << 由廿歲到依家都係演大媽! 好少有

    我係指 盧宛茵. 但仲冇人話我知 happyweekend 君所登果位係邊個?

    回覆(2019/1/22 15:18:28)

  • 訪客:T. W.      2019/1/21 17:37:22    

    Hi, 小宇,剛看完你那篇為某致敬演唱會執返正某些史料的新文章,有些話真的很想和你說。 記得之前在這裡和你聊過關於Danny&張先生的一些事,也感謝你在目前的風氣形勢之下,仍經常願意說一些公道話。(有時我看到其他受訪講當年的人,我真是寧願他們什麼都不說,也不應該說一些根本不符史實而是在粉飾太平的話). 而當時你曾回覆我說,奇怪香港人怎麼好像對某些事情集體失憶,沒人再記得當年某人曾經當眾那麼刻薄。那次看過你的話之後,我有再研究此事,發現,原來情況並不是集體失憶那麼簡單,而是更可怕的,被集體竄改記憶。 其實,我當年並沒親眼看過余麗珍事件的直播,我是之後看報刊報導的,然後一直到了Youtube時代,有人上傳了這條題為"當張國榮遇上陳百強的影片 https://youtu.be/PEtXfcfQ0lc﹐ 我就和很多其他網民一樣,以為這就是蔡楓華出事那晚的余麗珍事件"真相", 然後,大量看過這條片的網民就認為,看來就是熟朋友說笑,被傳媒煽風點火而已。 我是隔了很多年之後,看到你的話,我又想再研究一下這些史料,於是才從其他Danny的fans討論中知道,上面那條Youtube片段根本不是事發那晚,上面片段只是該演唱會的另一晚而已。 於是,我就嘗試再去找真正事發那晚的片段,終於找到這個真正是當晚的片段,題目沒提及Danny,約8:00開始講Danny。https://youtu.be/8g4BCOVhUb0 這兩晚關於Danny的台詞,表面內容其實也9成一樣,看來應是當年那次演唱會的每晚固定台詞?而兩段片的關鍵分別,就是部份語氣,與及Danny是否在。但無論如何,如果了解當時兩人的情況,公道的人都應該會認為這番台詞太帶刺。 而有Danny在場上台版 VS 沒Danny的事發當晚版,據我觀眾,應該都是前者遠被更多人當作是事發當晚,而當中這些張冠李戴的人,有些是如我般當年沒看過真正片段,但也有些卻是明明當年有看過,但可能因記憶模糊,就草率地認為這個正是當年片段。 這例子其實也只是冰山一角,近年,我已看到不少類似的例子,歷史經常被軟性竄改,這現象尤其在娛樂文化界是特別容易發生。 一來,外界一般對娛樂文化的歷史沒那麼在意求真,不會像某些社會議題或政治事件般,因長期受到各界高度監察,而不容隨便改寫。 二來,這圈子有很多受訪者如果談及一些過去的敏感話題時,通常也會看形勢而盡量說些粉飾太平的話。 三來,現時互聯網對娛樂文化資訊影響很大,透過網路散播消息太方便,也不須是業界人士,fans都可以努力在網上進行各種軟性竄改歷史的活動,就算再流的流料,散播得多以後,也總會有人信,當種種假歷史一直以訛傳訛,而又一直沒什麼人努力撥亂反正(又或者,撥亂反正的力度不足以應付流言散播的程度) ,以後歷史的真假就會逐漸被模糊化。 如是,一些明明不符事實的"歷史"﹐慢慢會演變成為大眾所認知的真正歷史。近年已看到越來越多類似情況,不過只是短短三十幾年之間(80年代至今)﹐不少娛樂文化的真實歷史已漸被竄改,隨著世代交接,對舊事熟悉的傳媒工作者退下,有些沒經歷過舊事的媒體新人,不太認真做資料搜集和求証工作,有時會隨意採用坊間流言。另外,有些又會因應某些人和事今時今日的發展形勢,而有意無意地影響了對那些人和事昔日歷史的寫法(無意者,可能是一時之間被那些人和事的今日光景,不知不覺影響了對那些人和事的昔日印象。而有意者,說穿了都不多數是趨炎附勢吧,對今日勢頭強的,寫其歷史時就順手把其昔日也美化一下。) 嗯,不好意思,可能說了太多,希望不要介意。近年來真是見到越來越多從小至今親身經歷過的事,陸續被坊間﹑甚至媒體,逐漸竄改了某些歷史寫法。

    回覆(2019/1/21 17:37:22)

  • 訪客:Oldpic      2019/1/21 15:16:21    

    Recently the pop singer hins Cheung instagram posted an old pic showing Albert Odell a Russian Jew, who was an associate of 陸運涛, worked as manager of the international film company, and functioned as film producer.

    回覆(2019/1/21 15:16:21)

  • 訪客:大媽!係乜名      2019/1/21 13:18:42    


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  • 訪客:Whoisthat 大媽      2019/1/21 13:10:23    

    唔知戴綠色圍巾嘅大媽係邊位藝人/名人? 呢位就名乎其實,由廿歲到依家都係演大媽! 好少有

    回覆(2019/1/21 13:10:23)

  • 訪客:Will I never find love      2019/1/21 1:26:02    

    Dear Xiao Yu This is Anisha from India. I am 32 years old. I married when I was 21 and the marriage ended after just 3 months. I was in my second month of pregnancy then when we are separated. I was subjected to physical abuse and mental torture. Raped by own husband to prove his dominance over me. After that rollercoaster relationship I lost all my hope on love and marriage. Its been 11 years and I lost all the beautiful years of my life. I have daughter. I didn't claim for any alimony. I was asked to get abortion because no one else might opt to marry me again, in the future, if I am a single mother. But I have opted to become a mother rather than a wife to someone else. I am supporting my family, managing everything all by myself... But there is still lot of pain in my heart... I feel the loss of love in my life. I can't share it with my family as they would be sad. I have been struggling hard to protect myself from the evil eyes of men from all these years. Everyone tries to take an advantage of me, so I couldn't trust anyone... I couldn't find love again in my life... Everyone reminds me of my responsibilities as a mother which I have been already doing all these years and will still continue to do... But no one understands my pain... What I want and that I too have a life... Did my life really end at 21 years?? Will I never find true love?? Countless nights I have been crying hugging my pillow, in the dark... I feel the need of having someone on whose shoulders I can rest and share my pain... I feel so lonely and broken.... I am scared of my future..... Everyone compliments my smile... But I myself know the pain behind it and that it is not coming from my heart....

    回覆(2019/1/21 1:26:02)

  • 訪客:happyweekend      2019/1/18 11:52:10    



    回覆(2019/1/19 22:46:02)


  • 訪客:未消失之女      2019/1/16 11:59:10    

    有套新片用了[女人就是女人]做片名,故事有關香港transwomen, 同鄧生同名作品應該沒有關係的。

    回覆(2019/1/16 12:06:02)

    高達六十年代已拍了une femme est une femme , 我也是抄他的戲名

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