• 訪客:Is it cool to travel to visit the church? :)      2019/1/30 10:03:36    

    About the going to church experience, I like the Christ church in Oxford as this church was already established over 1000 years ago. I have been there and worshiped. It's like I'm royalty, a duchess. Very posh. I also been to St. Petersburg one of the churches. That one I like it too. Women normally wrapped a head towel without any make up on their face. I also want to wrap a head towel and pray. So holy. Also in last August I was in US Chicago to work. I was told I had few hours break from my boss. Then I cherished that I got some free time. I been to a Christian Science Church.That's the one I seen while taking Uber with work colleagues. Not an authentic normal Christian church. That one was also very interesting. It's a big church with over 500 seats but only few old people there. I met a rather young lady. She was a designer. She designed her own clothes. She said in US there is lots of fake news. But those old women and old men (shall be 65+) are very warm and they will exchange their own veggies. They grow the vegetables at home but will exchange with one another. This not common in Hong Kong. That's fun. For me last year I was in Belgium - I was attended my cousin's wedding in Rotterdam, I bought Brazil leaves in a supermarket. Interestingly that plant still alive even right now. That made me think the plant life is much stronger than human life sometimes. When I look back my past sometimes I feel like I look like a dead plant. I hope in 2019 I can grow rapidly. Talking back to Vine church do I enjoy? Mostly I cry when in singing session, I think much better if I have a companion. The loneliness will diminished. Em

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  • 訪客:Peter      2019/1/30 6:30:40    

    補 post 

    我之前的 post (有關陳友/張堅庭编導的表姐你好野),沒有 embed Windflowers (攪笑版)..現在補番

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  • 訪客:P E T E R      2019/1/30 6:28:10    

    我之前的 post (有關陳友/張堅庭编導的表姐你好野),沒有 embed Windflowers (攪笑版)..現在補番

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  • 訪客:Tv worm      2019/1/30 0:48:01    

    聽說大陸官方出了文章批判宮廷電視劇又要停播,香港這邊廂却仍然播出,是什麼樣的玩法? 而oscars收視往年創新低,今年可否有改善?如果持續低位,會否一天真的停辦?

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  • 訪客:Francis      2019/1/29 12:45:36    

    Dear 小宇:

    重溫rthk講丘文的節目 唔知你點睇衣架既《號外》呢?會唔會覺得失色左?

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  • 訪客:What's your most embarrassing story? :)      2019/1/29 8:39:37    

    Also at the Vine last Sunday there's a new lady pastor preaching and I was there at 4, normally I go 2pm session. I was at the Kowloon Tong mall shop around and I saw lion dancing. It was awesome. Then to the 4pm. As the pastor is changed. The one used to preaching I won't fall into sleep. And with this one I fell into sleep.And for nearly half an hour! 😱😱😱😱😱 As I was sitting on the second row. (OMG) It was pretty embarrassed as the pastor would know I fell into sleep. But I was very tired suddenly. I couldn't control it and fell in sleep. Hope next time if I feel really sleepy I should sit far far away. The last row is good perhaps haha. Em

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  • 訪客:Care for someone who is lonely. :(      2019/1/28 23:18:13    

    Also I think a part of fasting can awaken people to pay attention to poor people. I personally want married couples, and those that have a happy bf gf relationship to maybe can stop having sex with each other let's say over 1000 days as there are many singles still not found their Mr or Mrs Right yet. There are lonely people that need people care.Em

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  • 訪客:P E T E R      2019/1/27 7:51:57    

    1992年表姐你好嘢劇本對白現在看仍不過時! 陳友/張堅庭的wit 真好絕! 其中鄭裕玲唱Windflowers (Seals and Croft) 令人捧腹 https://vimeo.com/313589521

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  • 訪客:Internet rumor      2019/1/25 22:25:24    

    最近發布的一段youtube片段中有人居然提出一個有關陳百强死因的靈異說法,講到陳其實得罪了某高人,高人便向他施法奪去其魂魄,當時陳又服用了過量藥物, 返魂無術……look,香港社會真的很離奇,人們的想法很易鑽進了恐怖的領域而又不覺得有問題……。Anyway 東南亞国家那些什麼落降頭施法的東西都是避之則吉,不信不理好了。

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  • 訪客:Surina      2019/1/25 1:16:52    

    原來小宇的站借問今年是10週年紀念。 想到自己是這網站第一批的讀者好友,在每日信息的洪流中,仍然能回到小宇的網站里,享受小宇的獨家的懷舊卻又update的世界里,vicariously seeing the events through 小宇‘s experiences .  我特欣賞小宇總是追求一份優雅,我自己也是😉。

    10 年裡,走著走著,有些好朋友也走遠了,don’t seem to care to keep in touch at all, does depress the spirit.  Very happy for 小宇的網頁世界- like an old friend who still cares to share with you his experiences and view ,interestingly 💝!

    Sent from my iPhone

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  • 訪客:Surina      2019/1/25 0:33:28    


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  • 訪客:What should I do?      2019/1/24 23:28:25    

    My boyfriend ate my half sandwich without asking me while I was sick and told him not to. Should I break up?

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